I would begin to thanx Flashback for the space and there policy about the web,nice going!

I created DomNation for two reasons:1) my personal interest for fetish and bondage and 2) becouse I'm sick and tired of be forced to surf on the xxx-sights around the net to find what I'm looking for,only to find sight's with tons of advertising,adult check and membership bullshit.If one against all hope manage to find what's interesting, fighting thru a jungle of advertising and ohter junk, It sucks! No quality on the stuff what so ever! according to my experience any way. So therefore,I spend a great deal of time collecting useful stuff on the web,and this is the result. All the images in the gallery is of high quality according to me,and it is for all to enjoy,or those who like to enjoy them anyway.So if you are reading this,please tell me what you think about this sight.

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