This only works with

Internet Explorer

Internet Security is not on top... Here are some Explorer bugs.

Try starting the calculator using the META tag

Or try starting it with a .URL reference

Both the META and URL "bugs" (Micro$oft refers to them as features) works with Windows 95 and Windows NT, Explorer versions up to 3.01. There is a patch available.

The .URL file looks like this:


And the META tag looks like this:

      <META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="0; URL=file:///C|/windows/calc.exe">

Under Windows 95 it is possible to do the same thing with .LNK files instead of .URLs. Programs started with .LNK files can be given command line parameters too. Read more about it at Cybersnot

This is not as harmless as it looks. Think about what could happen if you started some potentially harmful program like fdisk, deltree or format...

1997-04-01 /LordB