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Hi! This is a site that will (hopingly) give you some insight into the world of me - Carl Abrahamsson. Although most of these personal websites have a distinct tendency to be pretentious and egomaniacal, it's my hope that this site will be mainly informational. If you feel otherwise, then so be it.

LATEST NEWS... "BARDO TIBET", a great new photobook by Max Fredrikson, with an introduction by yours truly... Available in the mail order section below. Don't miss it!

Thanks for your interest!

[This website was updated on the 12th of October 2000.]


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BULT Magazine - Where preapocalyptic tendencies and dreams become reality.

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The Institute of Comparative Magico-anthropology - International Research HEAD Quarters!

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Favourite films - My life as Voyeur. Recommended viewing for those who dare.

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