A Chronology of Sorts.

Born 1966 in Stockholm, Sweden.

"Schooling"/attempts at severe brainwashing between 1972 and 1984. The lost world. The blank years. Can I have them back, please?

Studies of Film Theory and Practice, and journalism at the University of Stockholm 1985-1989. Although in many ways fun, it was always my own personal projects that kept the flame burning.

In the early 80's I edited and published the comic book-fanzine "Splasch". In 1986-1987 I edited and published the music fanzine "Lollipop". In 1988 I published and edited the subcultural fanzine "Acts of Interstellar Torture". In 1988, I edited and published the first issue of "The Fenris Wolf" (which is still going strong...).

Between 1988 and 1993 I played a lot of music with the band/structure "White Stains".

Since 1994 and onwards, I've been making music and DJ-ing as "Tan Trick". Other musical projects have been Oiling Noregs vs Deform Project, Fleck, Loincloth, Groiniac, Pollux Boost and Gibbix.

Between 1990 and 1993 I ran the company "Psychick Release Production Cerebrum and Press", a record label cum book publisher.

Between 1994 and 1999 I ran the company "Looking Glass Communications" together with partners Michael Matton and Jens Näsström. Also a publishing company, but mainly an advertising agency.

Since 1996 and onwards I've run the company "Übertext", a think tank dealing with words and writing in their most commercial aspects.

I have written since my teens. The drawer turned out much too small.

I have made many weird films. And showed even more and even weirder films still, at the film club "Cinematick" which I ran at the last porn theatre in Stockholm, Fenix (RIP). This was in the early 90's, together with experimental filmmaker Beatrice Eggers and my good pal Nicklas Kapellin. We also travelled in Europe with various film programs.

Printed solo debut in 1991, with "Dreams Shall Flesh", a booklet jointly released with the White Stains CD. Next in line was the book "Allt var bättre förr men inte länge till" (1999). To be continued...

I have taken photos since approximately 1978 and have painted off and on during the 90's. First group exhibition was at "Mart" in Stockholm in 1995. To be continued...

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