Interesting Links.

It seems that every website must have a Links-page. And who am I to disagree? Hopingly you'll find something of interest here.

ANATHEMA BOOKS - A great starting point for books on the occult.

THE APE OF THOTH - Thelemic texts with great interactive search-engine.

ART PARTS - Friend Thomas Borg's wonderful collection.

BANGER - Tom Halliwell's page of good material. Great Austin Spare-gallery, poems by Harry Crosby and good stuff from other heroes too.

BLOOD AXIS - The musical endeavour of friends Michael Moynihan and Annabel Lee.

BURROUGHS - Remembering an influential writer. Good starting point here.

CAUCHEMAR 23 - Groucho Marx lives on where you'd least expect it.

CHAOS CONTROL DIGIZINE - Great web magazine on contemporary music.

COIL - Musicmakers from beyond.

COLD DARK MATTER - New Seattle-based magazine on music and culture.

COLD MEAT INDUSTRY - Good Swedish label for those who like their music without sugar.

COLD SPRING RECORDS - Records and books for some folks.

COOP - Americana Nouveau of the finest brand!

THE CHURCH OF SATAN - Dr. LaVey may have died, but the Church lives on!

DISINFORMATION - Badly needed in times like these.

EXIT - The brilliant NYC magazine, now on the web.

THE FAMILY OV PSYCHICK INDIVIDUALS - Keeping the Psychick Youth Flame High and Burning!

FERAL HOUSE - Interesting American publisher.

FIREWORK EDITION - Interesting Swedish label.

FLASHBACK - Lovely Swedish magazine and web-enterprise.

FOETUS - No rest for the wicked! Multitalented guy indeed.

GILBERT & GEORGE - Very fine artists indeed.

MR. GREG - Beat afficionado and friend.

THE HAFLER TRIO - The mystery coagulates... My fave subtle noise maker(s).

HERU RA HA LODGE - Californian OTO-lodge.

HYPERREAL - Many facets of dance culture in one groovy place.

THE INVISIBLE BASILICA OF SABAZIUS - Great material on Thelema and the OTO.

JUXTAPOZ - Excellent magazine for new American art.

RICHARD KERN - Sleaze cum art. It doesn't get any better than this.

KREV - The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland.

THE LAUGHING ESKIMO - Mail Order biz and label for strange music.

LOVELORE - Delightful and sensuous explorations of art, eroticism and magick.

LUXOR PRESS - Interesting American publisher. Main distributor of Looking Glass Press since 1997.

MANDRAKE OF OXFORD - Interesting esoteric publisher.

RUSS MEYER - The Genius! An excellent raconteur extraordinaire, the Ingmar Bergman of titty-lation.

NEW FALCON - Excellent publisher of Crowley, Burroughs, Leary, Wilson and others.

OKULTURA - Polish translations of major occult works. I'm tempted to say it... Here's where you polish your Polish!

ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS - Fraternal Order devoted to the promulgation of the law of Thelema. US Grand Lodge.


ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS NORGE - The Norwegian branch.

GENESIS P-ORRIDGE - A very talented man. Official Site of his Alien Brain.


REX DIABOLUS CHURCH - Ultra-Art with a Satanic twist, "The Asylum of Satan". Very nice.

RODNEY ORPHEUS - Thelemic author, published by Looking Glass Press. Also a musician in Cassandra Complex, Sun God and much more.

REVUE HORUS - Interesting magazine and other projects. Check out this Chzech!

ROSE OF THE WORLD - Substantial page on Thelema and related issues. Includes the Danish OTO.

TURA SATANA - A very talented actress.

SCARLET WOMAN LODGE - Erotic OTO-body based in Texas.

SEGERHUVA - HQ for SOMA Magazine and related mail order activities.

SENTRAX - Home of many Tactile experiences and subtle sounds.

SOMETHING WEIRD - Excellent films on video.

STAALPLAAT - Dutch record label for experimental and atmospheric music.

STORA - Nice conceptual group of German artists.

SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS - Psychedelic music source with many rare finds on vinyl and CD.

SWANS HQ - Home of The Angels of Light, The Swans, Body Lovers, Body Haters and friend Michael Gira in various guises.

SWENSONIA - Eric Swenson, a brilliant digital terrorist. And with a name like that, he must be Swedish!

TEITAN PRESS - Fine publishers of the works of Aleister Crowley.

THRASHERQAWWAL - San Franciscan friends and sufis.

THROBBING GRISTLE - Good source for material on TG, Coum Transmissions and related people and projects.

TREE OF LIGHT MAGAZINE - New esoteric project.

WILSON (ROBERT ANTON) - Bright as a star.

DAVID WOODARD - He thinks he's the ruler of the universe. And he's probably right! Also - Dreamachines for sale!


YIELD - A very fine place to find more info on alternative and experimental culture.

If there are any links that don't function as they ought to, please let me know!

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