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A stunning photobook by Max Fredrikson, with a 60 page introduction by Carl Abrahamsson. Covering trips to India, Nepal and Tibet. Approximately 200 pages of wonderful photos by the renowned Swedish photographer. Tibetans and their daily magical life in Tibet and in exile. This book is a must have for anyone interested in Tibet and/or Tibetan Buddhism. The introduction is in Swedish and covers the history of Tibet, the history of Tibetan Buddhism, the Tibetan mind and much, much more.

600:- SEK, including postage in Sweden. If you want to order a copy and reside abroad, please get in touch.

"Allt var bättre förr men inte länge till"

Av Carl Abrahamsson. En liten bok med tankar om både ditt och datt. Somliga glada, andra ledsna. 100 sidor av rafflande läsning. "Carl är en mästare på att svamla i mörkret", skrev en helnöjd kund.

A book all in Swedish!

120:- SEK. Endast 500 numrerade exemplar.


Discontents in this issue: Genesis P-Orridge, Lee Cabell McLean, Leif Elggren, Knud Odde, Carl Abrahamsson, Peter Köhler, Adam Åslund, Benedikte Lindström, Krister Linder, Max Fredrikson, Patrick Lundborg, Hans Scheike, Agneta Ogebratt, Brita Sylvan, Fetish 23, Gabriella Ravström, Thomas Quick, Stefan Kéry, Ingrid Engarås, Joey, Kim Foss, Lisa Kessler, Eric Heist, Friedrich Nietzsche, Tommy Olsson, Christer Eriksson, Thomas Ehrngren, Angela Sperandio, Johan Lien, Dennis Cooper, Gabriele d'Annunzio, 13th Floor Elevators, Verkligheten and Makroparasiten.

With the magazine comes a CD: Oiling Noregs vs. Deform Projects "Outside the centre of myself".

The magazine and CD are issued in 300 numbered copies.

In Swedish and English!

120:- SEK.



FLECK "Live in Lhasa 99"

C-90 with recordings from Lhasa in Tibet. The Johkang temple and a sleazy Chinese Sideshow act, each on their own side of this REALITY cassette.

50 numbered copies. 100:- SEK.

FLECK "Supermarket"

C-90 with recordings from Sainsbury's in London. The sensuous sounds of shopping...?

50 numbered copies. 100:- SEK.

FLECK "Nighttrain"

C-90 with recordings from a nighttrain trip between Stockholm and Copenhagen. Everyone leaves their traces in the bunks... Fleck can't argue - and won't - with that.

50 numbered copies. 100:- SEK.



Sverige/Skandinavien: Beställ enklast genom att sätta in korrekt belopp på Postgirokonto 10 70 15-0 (Übertext). Skriv vad du vill ha samt namn och adress tydligt på talongen. Alla priser inkluderar moms och porto.

Foreign Orders: All prices are in Swedish Crowns (SEK). All prices include air mail postage. Send the payment preferably by International Money Order, made payable to: "Übertext". The mailing address is: Übertext, P.O. Box 8105, SE-104 20 Stockholm, Sweden. If you need more information, please contact me at the above address or by e-mail:

Cash is fine too but is always sent at your own risk. Considerable amounts should be sent by registered mail.

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