Mental Concept or Proper Illumination?

Believe me, I learned the hard way: It's definitely unsmart and uncool to force your views and opinions on other people. Especially if it's on national TV or in the gutter press. Youth and overflowing enthusiasm is always a good excuse though...

It's one thing to nurture a philosophy and to live by it. An entirely different one to demand attention in the name of it.

The only philosophy I have is that one should focus on the early, natural interests one had as a kid. One should nurture early inclinations and develop these into Will. Will will then lead on through the rest of the life and - possibly - through coming ones. There's really no need of gods, angels, spirits or demons if Will is clear enough. There's really no need of weird rituals and magic if one's focus is sharp like a laser beam.

This philosophy goes by many names all over this planet and although the names may sound glamorous, intriguing or even dangerous to some, they're all redundant in the end. The main thing is always action anyway. One should keep in mind though, that action, according to many a wise man and woman, may just as well be non-action.

The point is not to speculate but rather to explore and to experiment. Experience is power.

There's in my mind a clear distinction between a mental concept ("I would really like to..." or even "I want to...") that may or may not turn into manifestation and an action in total accordance with will that needs no words at all. This action provides raw and eventually processed information. This turns into experience. An accumulation of genuine experiences from various points in time and space will eventually lead to a proper illumination.

All names, terms, schools, orders, groups, systems, angles, philosophies etc are only interesting from the point of view of the intellectual scholar. They're not useful in the individual work. An open, ecclectic, pragmatic and tolerant mind is the best tool I've come across so far.

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