Frequently Asked Questions, with answers

1. What is the uXu?

We are a bunch of loosely knit people who write and ask people to write interesting pieces of text, and then publish them.

2. What does uXu stand for?

uXu is short for Underground eXperts United. uXu also stands for keeping your mind at work. A sleeping mind is a dead one.

3. How many people are involved in all the uXu activities?

Most of the time, only two people - Bravemoore and The GNN. But at occasions such as uXu gatherings and movie shootings, we tend to get about six or seven people together, excluding fans/groupies.

4. Do I have to be a uXu member to contribute?

No. Anyone can submit their writings to us. We do not care who you are, only what you write.

5. Where do I find all the good underground texts on how to make bombs and just generally how to do bad things?

Scan our earlier files on these topics. Over the years, uXu has gone from being a pure computer & anarchistic-related magazine to a rag mostly on smart fiction, philosophical texts and poetry. That is however only partly true. We still have the same rules as we did back in 1991; anything readable will be published, as long as it a) hasn't been published anywhere else before, and b) is worth reading for anyone besides the author him/herself. Read the submission guidelines.

6. I can't find anything on how to hack, crack nor exploits of any kind among your text files!

If you can write an interesting text on the subject yourself, feel free to submit it.

7. I work for a government agency/a large company/the media, and want to know more about uXu's connection to the illegal activities condoned by another internationally known, Swedish three-letter acronym group. Where do I find information on this?

Check out our files UXU-258 (English), UXU-S012 (Swedish) or why not UXU-000? Now actually read these, before writing some crap and use these as references.

8. Do you reject any submissions at all?

Yes, but not many nor very often. Rejected submissions a) have been published elsewhere already, or b) had no justified reason to be taken into consideration, since the author upon request did not answer a question about any previous publishing.

9. We strongly suggest that you delete file ### from your archive, or we will take appropriate steps to persecute/prosecute/kill/sue/hunt/shut you down. Do you not understand the harm this file can cause people?

No. A text have no will of it's own, but people do. A text can not harm anything or anyone, but people can. Blaming a text of doing harm is like
blaming a knife to be a weapon. A text does not become harmful until a reader decides it to be. A knife is not a weapon until someone decides it to be. The harm of a text file is entirely up to the beholder.

10. A friend of mine tried what is described in your file ###, and is now hospitalized. How can you live with yourselves, publishing dangerous texts that could injure or even kill people?

See the answer to question 9.

11. I want to put every uXu file on a collection CD along with loads of other texts, and sell it to earn tons of $$$.

Since we can't stop you, we probably won't. We can only ask you not to. 

12. Why don't you stop publishing files about <subject>, nobody reads it anyway?

Your complaint has been registered. Write an essay about it and send us.

14. Why isn't there a question number 13?

There is. Read between the lines.

15. I am writing some texts now, that I'm going to send you as soon as they are finished!

Congratulations, you are the 100th reader who says he/she will send something. Don't send it, and become the 50th reader who never sent anything. Sorry, no prizes available.