Rave off!

Meditato1.JPG [166 kb]

A picture I made using Fractal Design Poser for rendering the man in the middle, Adobe Photoshop for doing the plasmatic effects and the 'halo'-thingy around the man. Then ported it to the Amiga for final touch-ups.

Evul_Johan.jpg [39 kb]

This is the cover of my evil brother's next album. I have heard it, and the evulness expressed therein is not for the faint of heart.

Evul_Johan1.jpg [10 kb]

My evul brother during an astral journey with the theme "The Red in the Sky is Mine"

meditator2.JPG [179 kb]

Much the same procedure as the other meditator image. I really can't remember what's so different about this one. Oh yeah, now I know: the halo effect is more clearly defined

AEonMoveGlow.JPG [154 kb]

This is an image I made for inclusion on the OJB page, but it was rejected due to space considerations. I still think it's kinda nice though.

JumpingLegs.avi [2401 kb]

This is a 3D animation I made, whilst trying to get a grip on what Inverse Kinematics really is. It's kinda big, so it's not available for download. Mail me if you want to see it.