Ordering information:

All prices are presented in SEK (swedish currency) and US$ and EURO.

För orders inom Sverige gäller:
Antingen skickas er order via postförskott. Och då tillkommer postens avgifter.
Ca 75-105 kronor beroende på vikt. Eller portofritt om ni betalar i förskott.

For orders outside Sweden:
Just send your order to us and we hold the stuff for you and
then will we come back with the price and how you should pay.
(I use standard postal rates. Airmail mostly.)
Payment methods: Cash if registrated letter (own risk), Credit card ( see below) or transfer to my bank account.

Creditcard users.
We accept Visa & Mastercard. Please accept up to one week for clearance.
Fee: We charge/add us$ 3 to the price for handling. No matter the size of order.

For contact:

If you want our main catalogue (printed on paper) with more offers and some more stuff.
Just send IRC or 1 us$ to (that for covering the postage)
box 12011
40241 Göteborg

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