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  After I had finished the Melting Pot with Simon Bisley in 1993, I had the burning desire to create a strong female character, with all the heart and soul a woman of the nineties should have.
(Man can live on Turtles for just so long!)
     I went back to a story I wrote and penciled for a Mirage publication called Grunts. The story was inked by Eric Talbot, but didn't fully capture what I wanted the character to really be. After several attempts to bring her to life I gave so many writers, often a real person must be the basis of the vision of what I wanted, and as far as I was concerned, that person did not exist! So it was shelved.
   Then I met her...Julie Strain...All that I had ever dreamed of and so much more! The project was yanked back into the light of day, as I'd found the real life super heroine that could bring F.A.K.K.2 into the world.  
     Around this time, I started developing what would become the second full-length animated Heavy Metal feature.
   I had decided early on that the second movie would be "one story" instead of segments like the first one. Where as I had never been fully satisfied with the Melting Pot story - it never fully said what I wanted it to, a fault all my own, I felt that combining both stories (F.A.K.K. 2 and Melting Pot) would be the way to go, and wrote a treatment. Although the treatment and the movie are vastly different, what did remain was Julie Strain.  
     After I finished the costume concepts, and Simon "fixed" them, I had one specifically built for the live action inspiration. As you can see from the photos to follow -- it is amazing.
   All of the photos featured are from a promotional shoot, photographed by the world famous pin-up artist John McInnes, in a fantastic post-apocalyptic setting in San Pedro, California. "Wow" comes to my mind first - how about yours?  
     We also did a featured layout, by the equally famous Earl Miller, for Penthouse magazine, at the same location. They were published in the July 1998 issue and I would strongly suggest you look for it. "Wow, wow, wow" - comes to mind.
  So, without further ado ... enjoy ... and send us your thoughts and comments.

Kevin Eastman