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Outcast manual

Reference card

Urban manual

Shadow company


Revolt manual 1,3 mb 1,3 mb


Manual till Tiberian sun 2,6mb
Manual till Outcast 3,7 mb
X-wing alliance Reference card 430 kb
Playing Urban Assault 380 kb

Age of kings

System shock




Civilisation 2 Test of time manual 13 mb

Manual till NHL 2000 5 mb
Railroad Tycoon 2 Reference card 1,8 mb

Manual till Age of empires 2
The age of kings. 2,4 mb


Game guide till system shock 2. 2,6 mb

Shadow company manual and covers

1,5 mb

Fly manual 10,3 mb
Manual till Homeworld 11,8 mb
Drakan reference card 180 kb
Manual till Pizza syndicate 764 kb
Game guide till Mechwarrior 3 1,5 mb