Ace of Babes - 18 celeb babes are featured here, e.g. Therese Granqvist, Jessica Olérs, Mia Eriksson, Malin Lundberg, Nina Ljungblad and "Robinson-Jenny" Hägglöf. Mostly nudes or semi-nudes. [112 pics, tns]

All Swedish Beauty - Gallery with assorted babes. [12 pics, tns]

Amateur Swedish Girl Helena's Homepage - Images of Helena, Hannah Graaf, Victoria Silvstedt, and Malin Lundberg. [40+ pics, tns]

Babescenter - Among others Jessica Olérs, Lisa Berger, Anna Sahlin, Vendela Kirsebom, Tess Mattisson, Tilde de Paula and Beata Rutkowska. There are also some wallpapers. [77 pics, tns]

Brian's Hannah Graf Gallery [16 pics, tns]

Brian's Vendela Kirsebom Gallery [30 pics, tns]

Charlotte Nilsson's Unofficial Homepage - Dedicated to the sexy winner of the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest. Images, winamp skins, desktops, and extensive info. [134 pics, tns, swe]

Dilnarin Dee Demirbag at Celebrity Mayhem - Six galleries. [140 pics, tns]

Dilnarin Dee Demirbag's Unofficial Home Page - A site made by a true fan of this sexy dancer. Lots of images (no nudes), some info on her, and five Real Player videos. Click on 'bilder' to get the pics. [150 pics, 'tns', swe]

Emma Sjöberg Exposed - Great images of this gorgeous supermodel and actress, and a movie clip. [30 pics, tns]