Welcome to the 21SD135 Homepage!

Here is the first Beta version of CB Callbook.exe!

This program includes an
– 11 meter Callbook
– QSL Look Up from a very large Database
– Country Search

The datebase includes 12 different 11 meter Radio Groups,

Alfa Tango, Bravo Romeo Charlie, Delta Radio, Echo Tango, Foxtrott Alfa Tango,
Golf India Radio, India Radio, Kilo Pappa, November Delta, Sierra Alfa, Sugar Delta
Victor Echo

DOWNLOAD THE FIRST BETA FROM HERE! (around 5 MB) including the run files for Visual Basic.Put all the files in the SAME folder, and run the setup.exe!

Good luck testing!

email: SD21_135@yahoo.com

CB Radio, 11 meter band, HAM, Antennas, ICOM, Lincoln, Kenwood, Propagation, Callbook, QSL cards, QSO, QRT, QTH

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