Intense Device
A Journey through Lust, Murder & the Fires of Hell
by Simon Whitechapel [Critical Vision] Book
Dildos through the ages; the life and crimes of the Marquis de Sade; the literary twilight that is the TV and movie tie-in; Anti-Darwinism and denial of the Holocaust; the Christian Crusader comics of Jack T. Chick; H.P. Lovecraft and noise; visions of End Times…
These are some of the subjects that Simon Whitechapel writes about in this collection of apocalyptic essays.
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Critical Vision
ed. David Kerekes and David Slater [Critical Vision] Book
A collection of the best articles from the rare early issues of Headpress magazine - notorious, out-of-print collectors' items. Fully updated and revised, with the inclusion of new material especially commissioned for this volume, Critical vision takes to exploring the Black Plague from within a religous and political frame; Mr Pucnch, sex-killer puppet; two decades of pornographic comicbooks; Douglas Clark on Death Row, accused of the "Sunset Strip Murders"; Moses David and his Hookers for Jesus; sex and violence; visit to a Miracle Crusade; suicide-homicide; outlaw publishing and much more.
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v/a Estheticks of Cruelty
[Cold Meat Industry] 2CD
Cold Meat out to check on the growing swedish noise underground and this is what they came up with. A double CD of newcomers (well most of them anyway) that will there your house down. Some have already records out like Janitor, IRM, Iron Justice, Bad Kharma, BLOD, Proiekt Hat… more are sure to follow. We strongly suggest that you should get Estheticks of Cruelty to check Treriksröset and Vehm out.
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Greetings from Brainville
[Technodelia Institute] Cassette
Tommy Carlsson from Treriksröset serves slabs of noise/improv/ambient jizz. Low basses breaking the way for a sax.
I found these cassettes while cleaning up after a move, so there you're!
Price 40 kr (Scandinavia) 5 USD (Rest)

Flesh & Blood #10
The last magazine issue before becoming a book. Interviews with Jim Van Bebber about his Manson movie, Charlie's Family; Richard Stanley on Dust Devil, Tarkovsky and God; Fant-Asia report; Dead Men Don't Rape - A Gun for Jennifer; reviews of horror, sex and weird films.
Price 50 kr (Scandinavia) 7 USD (Rest)
The EXIT Collection
Edited by George Petros
We are Hate in search of celebrity. Force bursting towards apotheosis. Aspiration inhibiting inspiration. Imbiding amongst a heat of who’s who. We wave in the bomb with one hand and with the other we furtively fondle the best that we can do.
Realpolitik. Asphalt anonymity. We have not seen War. Our chests are hollow. Pleasure sucks us into a vortex of self-negation. Our signatures betray a compulsion to close circles; loose ends set out teeth to grinding.
Please understand EXIT is more than a benevolent signal towards saftey - it is a doorway that will be shut tight after all the fetid air is expelled
– Adam Parfey

If we go back to the nihilistic and happy eighties. When death and misery was something new and fresch. When you were able to see trash films on the cinemas and video only was a toy for the rich, when Swans was good and Merzbow made pop. Then there were a mag called EXIT. It existed between 1984 to 1994 and published almost everyone in the we-hate-you-darling gang.
EXIT was a creation of George Petros and Adam Parfey and a damn good one.
Contributions from:
Frank 107, Robert Luther 267, John Aes-Nihil, G. G. Allin, Michael Andros, Anonymous, Away, Daisy Berkowitz, Jim Blanchard, Nick Bougas, Joshua Buckley, Kyra Burton, Timothy Patrick Butler, T. M. Caldwell, Salvatore Canzonieri, Steven Cerio, T. F. Colbath, Joe Coleman, Cop Shoot Cop, Arthur Deco, Mike Diana, Marcus Durant, William Ehmann, Jr., The Electric Hellfire Club, Jeff Fairbanks, H. T. Forbes, John Wayne Gacy, Madonna Wayne Gacy, Tammy Galaviz, Aileen Getty, H. R. Giger, Peter H. Gilmore, Alex Grey, Jonathan Haynes, Danny Hellman, Daniel Langdon Jones, Stephen Kasner, Nancy Keating, Richard Kern, Killing Joke, Anton LaVey, Zeena LaVey, Lung Leg, The Liers In Wait, Henry Lee Lucas, Phillip Luciani, Lydia Lunch, Michael Manning, Marilyn Manson, James Mason, Carlo McCormick, Stu Mead, John Metal, Kevin Moore, Althea Morin, Mark Mothersbaugh, Michael Moynihan, Herbert William Mullin, Davy Normal, Eva O, David Ouimet, Adam Parfrey, David Paul, George Petros, Raymond Pettibon, Genesis P-Orridge, Richard Ramirez, James Earl Ray, Boyd Rice, R. Bruce Ritchie, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Henry Rollins, Jonathon Rosen, A. C. Samish, Nikolas Schreck, Kim Seltzer, Jonathan Shaw, Spider, Shelly Ssoma, Casandra Stark, Ingrid Stokner, Sunshine, Robert N. Taylor, J. G. Thirlwell, Ottis Toole, Robert R. Votta, Robert Ward, Spider Webb, Byron Werner, Robert Williams, S. Clay Wilson, Nick Zedd
Price 240 kr (Scandinavia) 31 USD (Rest) | Large Format A4+ | 380 pages