Alphaville Lp [seger 1]
Since 1994 Yasutoshi Yoshida (GOVERNMENT ALPHA) has steadily moved to the elite of the Japanese noise movement. Before now there has been no proper full length release despite numerous cassettes and CD-R realeses. Therefore it gives us a great pleasure to bring you "Alphaville" as the first release on Segerhuva! Heavy, beautiful vinyl loaded with a virtual THUNDERSTORM of mindexpanding distortion, feedback, screams and marvellous chaos. Tune in and feed your head...!
Price 130 kr (Scandinavia) 18 USD (Rest)

Romantic and Deranged 7” [seger 2]
Prepare to get blasted by the sweetest Sweden has to offer - BLOD. Four short pieces that proves once and for all who is the master of ultra-static perverted mayhem feedback noise. It has been said before, but it can't be said too often - variation is for losers. Cleanse your mind from your dirty thoughts and replace them with BLOD's extremely dirty ones!
Price 40 kr (Scandinavia) 6 USD (Rest)