FLASHBACK NEWS AGENCY international # 3           April 2000
     2 073 subscribers                          Volume 5, Issue 1

     0.01  Editor's letter

     P O L I T I C  &  S O C I E T Y

     1.01  Statement
     1.02  'Mein Kampf' proves big hit in Czech republic
     1.03  International Whore Day
     1.04  Welcome to the "Cannabis Castle"
     1.05  Two ethical questions

     I T

     2.01  Spanish webpage censorship stirs debate
     2.02  Illegal warez sites of the month
     2.03  The Dot Sucks Foundation
     2.04  China making "unhealthy things" on internet illegal
     2.05  US Goverment wants less anonymity
     2.06  Fuck NBC dot com
     2.07  Heroin.com
     2.08  Panasonic - The Internet Pecker
     2.09  EU wants to collect terrorism related information on
           the Internet
     2.10  Hollywood seeks ban on DVD web links
     2.11  British Telecom to cloister controversial sites?
     2.12  Burma silences political sites
     2.13  Secret censorship software revelations

     C U L T U R E  &  E N T E R T A I N M E N T

     3.01  Sigue Sigue Sputnik are back
     3.02  Devo - Pioneers Who Got Scalped
     3.03  Pranks at the airport
     3.04  Porn star got heart attack in the job
     3.05  The Jail - a new restaurant open in a concentration
     3.06  Please kill me: I'm a faggot nigger jew

     S E T  C O N T E N T S

     4.01  Links-o-rama
     4.01  Titbits

     If you want something to be popular, make it illegal



     Welcome to FNA international number 3. The first issue since
     november 1998, (and the third issue ever - the first number
     was released in december 1996).

     It have been plans for an international edition of Flashback
     News Agency (FNA) under a long time, but the project have
     been put aside due to lack of time.

     In scandinavia FNA today have over 93 000 subscribers.
     Foremost swedish people, but even subscribers from Norway,
     Denmark, Finland and Iceland (who all are countrys where the
     people understand swedish).

     FNA international have today over 2 000 subscribers, divided
     on 48 different toplevel-domains. Amongst the subscribers
     there are as many diverse nationalitys such as Russia,
     Macedonia, Brazil, Romania, Japan, Argentina, Israel, Puerto
     Rico, Australia, Turkey, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia,
     Greece, Singapore, Colombia, the Ivory Coust, Bahamas and

     The aim is to have also the international issue of FNA to
     become as continuous as it's scandinavian counterpart, with
     one issue every month. For now, however, the releases will
     have to be more sporadic.

     Jan Axelsson
     Stockholm, april 2000


     p o l i t i c  &  s o c i e t y


     First they will silence the pedophiles.
     And you will not speak up, because you hate child molestors.

     Then they will silence the nazis and the racists.
     And you will not speak up, because you don't like

     Then they will silence the grafitti artists, the hackers
     and the copyright violators.
     And you will not speak up, because you respect private

     Then they will silence the drug advocates and the
     And you will not speak up, because you don't defend liars.

     Then they will silence the pornography.
     And you will not speak up, because you support the
     liberation of women.

     Then they will silence the communists, the fascists,
     the outlaws and the religious fanatics.
     And you will not speak up, because you know democracy has
     to be defended.

     Then they will silence the anarchists and the punks, the
     squaters and the political actvists.
     And you will not speak up, because you think it's wrong to
     tell people to break the law.

     Then they will silence the criminal convicts.
     And you will not speak up, because you think that is a
     fair penalty.

     Then they will silence the hippies, the ravers and the
     music festivals.
     And you will not speak up, because you think they've had
     enough chances to get rid of their drug problems.

     Then they will silence the homosexuals and the bisexuals,
     the swingers and the fetishists, the queer movement and
     the S/M people.
     And you will not speak up, because you want to protect
     innocent children from bad influences.

     Then they will silence the explicit lyrics and the violent
     movies, the offending litterature and the "entartete kunst".
     And you will not speak up, because you think people have
     the right not to be offended.

     Then they will silence the ones who speak up.
     So you will not speak up.

     Then they will silence you.



     The publisher of a controversial Czech version of Adolf
     Hitler's "Mein Kampf" said a second printing of the book is
     being planned after the first printrun sold out in three
     days, CTK reported. Michal Zitko, director of the Prague-
     based Otakar II publishing house, said the "unprecedented
     media campaign, for which I did not pay and in which I did
     not participate," led to the quick sale of 4,000 copies
     from the first printing. Zitko went ahead with the printing
     despite objections from Jewish and Romany organizations and
     a formal request from the German embassy in Prague claiming
     that the State of Bavaria owned the copyright to the book.
     Zitko said the book is "part of our history, and everyone
     should have the right to know it and make up his own
     mind.... I wanted to make people familiar with who Hitler
     was and what his ideology was so that they could protect
     themselves from it in the future."



     We celebrate the 25th Jubilee of the 2nd June with the big
     Cult-Whore-Festival 2000 in Berlin!
     What is 2nd of June?
     On June 2, 1975 over 150 Prostitutes occupied the Saint
     Nizlen Church in Lyon, France. In Protest of the
     catastraphic situation for women working as Prostitutes,
     the members of the church as well us the church hierarchy
     were positive and in support of the women. The protest
     spread to other cities, like Marseile, Montpellier,
     Grenoble and Paris. Demands were made to the highest
     officials for decent living and working conditions.
     However, these demands were not taken seriously.

     During this time murder of prostitutes and total repression
     in the name of a battle against Pimps was common, husbands
     and sons were being targeted as pimps. Hotels were no longer
     willing to rent rooms to the women for fear of being
     harresed by the police. Prostitution during this time was
     dangerous and very difficult.

     News of the church sit-in spread all over France as well as
     to other countries, and more actions were being discussed
     with church-members and other political women who were in
     solidarity with the prostitutes. The women stated first of
     all we are business women, and we are fighting for our
     human rights.

     On June 10, 1975 at 5am in the morning the police brought
     the church occupation to a brutal end. In remembrance of
     the occupation of Saint-Nizler-Church June 2 is declared
     International Whore Day.

     Since this day many whores and whore-projects and people
     in solidarity world wide met in Berlin for Art, workshops,
     Demos and much more...
     This year we celebrate in UFA-Fabrik, Berlin a big Cult-
     Whore-Week worldwide with plenty veteranes of the whore-
     movement from all Continents with films + theaters +
     exhibition competition + the carawan of love Meeting,
     exchange, plans and other events from women and men all
     over the world.

     We rented also a beautiful church in the herstorical sence.
     Happy welcome in Berlin from:
     Nutten & Nuettchen eV. Berlin Sexperts Action Hydra eV. +
     Olga eV. Meetingplaces + Counseling for prostitutes OvO
     Maltine Gay Aids-Aktivist, transgender movement queerstrich
     male Hustler organisations worldwide + highLights: Agency
     for Escorts + Education Schoko-Cafehouse for women: Crystal
     Mason + AHOI art+culturmanagment more Information:
     AHOI, Mahide Lein & friends, Lilienthal Str. 16, D-10965
     Berlin - Germany
     Phone/fax +49-30-691.3384 ahoi@snafu.de



     Welcome to the "Cannabis Castle" - a museum where visitors
     can take photos and touch any of the 2,000 marijuana plants
     exhibited. And smoking, at least of a certain substance, is
     most definitely allowed.

     "It's like walking into a wonderland," said Patty Collins,
     wearing a shirt that read, "Stoner Chicks Rule." She
     marveled Tuesday at the size of one variety of cannabis
     that was growing toward a ceiling of ultraviolet lights on
     an estate in central  Holland.

     Collins, who owns a pipe store in Portland is in the
     Netherlands for the 11th annual Cannabis Cup, the weeklong
     potfest that draws several thousand people - mostly
     Americans - to the drug-tolerant nation every year.
     The so-called harvest festival is sponsored by the
     American magazine High Times.

     Participants in the Cannabis Cup pay $200 for the right to
     judge the best cannabis of the year. The winner is crowned
     on Friday from among the "coffee shops" of Amsterdam, where
     hashish and marijuana can be purchased in small amounts.

     Though technically illegal in the Netherlands, those soft
     drugs are decriminalized and Dutch authorities don't
     prosecute people who sell or use small amounts.

     An added attraction to this year's festivities was
     Tuesday's bus tour to the Cannabis Castle.  A marijuana
     user's mecca, the castle - owned by the Sensi Seed Co. -
     produces potent strains of marijuana with names such as
     "Northern Lights" and "Skunk."

     Actually a stately 18th century home, the castle is tucked
     in peaceful countryside 40 miles from the bustle of the
     capital, Amsterdam.

     Catacombs beneath the house protect the "mother plants,"
     which generate the castle's crop. Some of the original
     plants are more than 20 years old.

     "Amazing," gushed Doug Biggs, an American who traveled from
     Indiana to smoke the drug he says eases his frequent
     migraine headaches.

     Don Wirtshafter, an attorney from Athens, Ohio, was less
     impressed by the castle's treasures.
     "I made pot my issue," he says of his 25-year legal career.
     "Everyone's so impressed - I see this all the time in my

     Still, he enjoyed the castle's gourmet lunch buffet of
     tangerines, smoked salmon sandwiches, Belgian chocolates,
     and, of course, marijuana.

     And what would a castle be without its king? A man dressed
     as the "king of cannabis" in a red robe and makeshift crown
     of marijuana stalks offered visitors snippets from branches
     of the castle's newest offerings.

     Most lit up their sweet-smelling samples after the communal

     Linda Dronkers, co-owner of the castle and seed company with
     her husband and son, gave tours Tuesday of her family home
     as part of the event.

     The castle's decor illustrates her affection for the plant.
     Cushions on wicker chairs are stenciled with the five-
     fingered marijuana leaf and prints on the wall show artists'
     renderings of joint smoking.

     "It's the most beautiful plant in the world," Dronkers said,
     setting down a fresh-baked plate of hemp cookies.

     "It's very spiritual," she added. "You have to give yourself
     completely to the plant."



     Q1: If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids
         already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one
         mentally retarded, and she had syphilis; would you
         recommend that she have an abortion?
         Read the next question before scrolling down to the
         answer of this one.

     Q2: It is time to elect the world leader, and your vote
         counts. Here are the facts about the three leading

         Candidate A
         Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with
         astrologists. He's had two mistresses. He also chain
         smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day.

         Candidate B
         He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon,
         used opium in college and drinks a quart of whisky
         every evening.

         Candidate C
         He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian, doesn't
         smoke, drinks an occasional beer and hasn't had any
         extra marital affairs.

     Which of these candidates would be your choice?
     Decide first, no peeking, then scroll down for the answer.

     Candidate A is Franklin D. Roosevelt
     Candidate B is Winston Churchill
     Candidate C is Adolph Hitler
     ..and by the way:
     Answer to the abortion question - if you said yes, you just
     killed Beethoven


     i t


     Law enforcement officials may force a Spanish webpage to
     shut down.

     The site is operated by Asociation contra la tortura (ACT),
     which is dedicated to exposing and investigating police
     brutality cases in Spain. The group listed the names of
     several prison guards who were accused of mistreating
     prisoners. This list was posted on the ACT website.
     Afterwards, the Agency for Data Protection, moving without
     a court order, went to ACT's Internet service provider (ISP)
     and got copies of the website's files (as well as a copy of
     ACT's contract with its provider). In addition, the Agency
     threatened to take down the website, a move that may occur
     within the next few days.

     A copy of the ACT website can be seen at





     Two major consumer groups are pushing a new proposal for
     protest website domain names.

     Essential Information and the Consumer Project on Technology
     have suggested several new URL categories. Among the
     proposals was a ".sucks" class for websites that criticize
     or condemn other organizations. Under this plan, the money
     from registering such names would be used to promote free
     speech on the Internet, through "The Dot Sucks Foundation".

     The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
     (ICANN), which currently handles domain name registration,
     has not decided whether to incorporate Nader's ideas.

     For more on this proposal, see Declan McCullagh, "A Ralph
     Nader Plan That 'Sucks'", Wired News, March 2, 2000, at

     See also Brock N. Meeks, "New domain names on the horizon",
     MSNBC, Mar. 10, 2000, at



     Chinese authorities will allow citizens to access the
     Internet, but with a big catch.

     That was the message after Beijing formulated a plan to
     increase Internet accessibility in Shanghai. This
     experimental project will allow residents to go on-line
     through a combined telecommunications network, which will
     also provide cable television transmissions. However,
     Shanghai mayor Xu Kuangdi noted that any computer files
     that were deemed to be "unhealthy things" would not be
     tolerated. China heavily censors Internet content, and has
     banned the websites of many foreign news services,
     including those of CNN and the New York Times. Worse still,
     Communist Chinese authorities may issue new restrictions on
     Internet free expression within the next few weeks.

     For more on China's possible new censorship schemes, read
     James Kynge, "Beijing to set up net curbs", Financial Times,
     Mar. 21, 2000, at

     See also Terry McCarthy, "China Dot Now", TIME Asia,
     February 28, 2000, at

     For additional information on the Shanghai Internet
     experiment, see "China Taps Shanghai for Internet Project",
     Reuters, February 24, 2000, at



     If US Government officials have their way, it may get a lot
     harder to surf the World Wide Web in private.

     A top-level working group (commissioned by President
     Clinton) recently issued a report entitled "The Electronic
     Frontier: The Challenge of Unlawful Conduct Involving the
     Use of the Internet". Among other things, the group called
     the anonymity of the Internet a "thorny issue". The report
     seemed to suggest that current laws be changed to strip away
     personal privacy protections, making it easier for law
     enforcement to track Internet users.

     The report caused great concern among observers. The
     American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU-a GILC member) sent a
     letter to US Attorney General Janet Reno, saying that the
     report's suggestions might undermine individual rights in
     cyberspace. The letter reminded Reno that "Anonymity on the
     Internet is not a thorny issue; it is a Constitutional
     right." The letter also expressed fears that the report's
     proposals could harm journalists by unmasking the identities
     of confidential sources.

     The Working Group's report is located at

     The ACLU's response letter can be seen at



     Apparently the corporate media feels it not only owns the
     Internet, but that it can control opinions and expression
     as well.

     In march 2600 magazine received the following letter via
     e-mail. It concerned one of many "freedom of expression"
     sites that 2600 is involved with.

     ----- Forwarded message -----

       From: "Lusins, Gillian (NBC)" Gillian.Lusins@nbc.com
       To: "'emmanuel@2600.com'" emmanuel@2600.com
       Subject: Website
       Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 17:43:47 -0500
       X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.5.2448.0)

       Dear Mr. Goldstein,

       I am counsel to National Broadcasting Company, Inc.
       You are listed as the technical contact for the
       following site: www.fucknbc.com. The site is currently
       listed as belonging to "CORE - THE INTERNET COUNCIL OF
       REGISTRARS, and the site is currently pointing to NBC.com.
       The use of NBC's name in this domain name constitutes
       trademark infringment, and is also a violation of our
       copyright interest in the NBC.com site. Please be aware
       that a letter is being sent to the listed owners of this
       site, and that if the site is not taken down immediately,
       and arrangements made to cease and discontinue all use of
       this name, we will pursue all necessary legal remedies
       including instituting litigation in the appropriate
       Please contact me to discuss this matter upon receipt of
       this letter at gillian.lusins@nbc.com.
       Thank you.

       Gillian Lusins

       Because e-mail can be altered electronically, the
       integrity of this communication cannot be guaranteed.

       ----- End forwarded message -----

     It's clear to us that the people at NBC have become
     separated from some key bits of logic so we will try and
     help them out.

     Free speech is at the heart of the net. While companies
     and other entities are entitled to protect their trademarks,
     it is entirely acceptable for sites like www.aolsucks.com,
     www.fuckfrance.com, and even www.fuckgeorgewbush.com to
     exist without fear of harassment.

     On 2600's website, the magazine now invites NBC (or anyone
     else, but let's give them first crack at it) to register
     fuck2600.com or 2600sucks.com. And if 2600 feel like
     registering www.nbcsucksbecausetheyhavelawyerswithtoomuch-
     timeontheirhands.com, no legal threat is going to convince
     them not to fight for this very fundamental freedom.

     Ofcource NBC may have been confused because they were
     pointing www.fucknbc.com to www.nbc.com. Perhaps they
     thought 2600 had STOLEN their web site. We've seen bigger
     leaps in corporate logic so this conclusion is entirely
     possible. Let us be clear - 2600 were merely POINTING one
     site to another, something that is perfectly acceptable
     in the world of the Internet. If your mortal enemy decides
     to point his/her site at your site, there's not a damn
     thing you can do about it, nor should you want to. It's
     how the net works. But, since NBC has brought it up, 2600
     would like to have this site do something more than what
     it's doing now. As a first step towards this, they have
     pointed the site to this new material they so graciously
     provided 2600 with. They would now like to see a more
     comprehensive fucknbc site become established. Why not
     e-mail them if you'd like to put together such a site.

     And if NBC has the guts to apologize, they we'll post that

     2600 is located at



     Sometimes are people more creative and give their servers
     funny names. What can we say about this one ...


     Record last updated on 10-Dec-1999.
     Record created on 22-Jun-1997.
     Database last updated on 26-Feb-2000 12:34:27 EST.

     Domain servers in listed order:




     Panasonic has lisenced the cartoon character Woody Wood-
     pecker as the Internet guide for it's new Web browser. But
     just before it's launch, Panasonic suddenly pulled out. The
     reason: their ads featured the slogan 'Touch Woody - The
     Internet Pecker'. An American staff member at the internal
     launch had explained to his embarrassed Japanese bosses what
     'touch woody' and 'pecker' meant in American slang.



     The intelligence services of the European Union are
     developing a system for the exchange of terrorism related
     information on the Internet. "Namely through the Internet
     [...] has sprung a community specially devoted to its
     undue exploitation and improper use', according to Portugal,
     the present Presidency of the European Union.

     The Portuguese Presidency presented its views to the
     working party on terrorism, a European group of high-ranking
     intelligence officers that is part of the European Council
     for Justice and Home Affairs. In the document (5724/00
     ENFOPOL 6, Brussels 4 february 2000), the Portuguese
     Presidency states:

     "Such type of activity permits those groups, who practice
     several unlawfull acts, namely terrorism, cult related,
     neo-nazism, cyberterrorism, racism etc, the dissemination
     and propagandisation of their ideals. Further, the ease and
     celerity in the establishment of contacts allows for the
     internationalisation of such phenomena and, simultaneously,
     permits a greater adhesion and recruitment for their cause."

     Portugal proposes the adoption of a system of "Interchange
     of Open Information Collected on the Internet", with the
     purpose of making available "better information, as well as
     in increasing the efficacy in the use of its resources".
     The system should be capable of affording to all members an
     "effective tool in the detection of information, in the
     context of the fight against terrorism".

     Portugal wants to create a common lexicon made up of a set
     of keywords in different European languages. It seems to be
     very concerned with the tech-slang of hackers, "such as for
     instance the use of the letter z in the end of words by the
     hacker community (passwordz, gamez, crackz, softwarez)."
     The ignorance of such mechanisms makes it, according to the
     document, "an extremely hard task to achieve good results
     in the research".

     After research, results are analysed and sent by encrypted
     email to the national intelligence services, in accordance
     with a pre-analysis of its contents. As a final product, a
     periodic report on the facts detected will be developed by
     each country.

     During the meeting of the working party on terrorism, the
     delegations embraced the proposals of the Portuguese
     Presidency. The representative of Europol, which has also
     a task in counter-terrorism, declared that Europol could
     further examine the proposal and make suggestions for the
     concrete implementation.

     The intelligence services are not the only European law
     enforcement agencies that consider Internet to be a great
     threat for public order and internal security. The custom
     administrations of the member states of the European Union
     are also preparing an "action plan for the fight against
     Internet fraud" (document 5254/00 CRIMORG 6 ENFOCUSTOM 4,
     Brussels 17 january 2000). According to the action plan,
     Internet is a source of taxfraude and the trade in fake-
     products, tobacco and drugs. The action plan proposes the
     creation of national 'central Internet control squads',
     which must act as national contactpoints for informal
     forms of cooperation. This informal network should monitor
     Internet "as strictly as possible", according to the action

     The custom authorities should have access to documents that
     are related to transactions under investigation. Therefore,
     according to the action plan, "it should be desirable if
     providers would be obliged to store digital documents."
     Also, the customs should have access to financial
     information stored by banks, to trace the origin of goods.



     The entertainment industry, through the DVD Content Control
     Association (DVD CCA) and the Motion Picture Association of
     America (MPAA), have sued to prevent Internet users from
     linking to websites that have DeCSS. DeCSS was a primitive
     program to help users of the Linux operating system play
     DVDs on their computers. A court in New York will set a
     trial date for one of these cases. Previously, courts in
     both New York and California had already issued preliminary
     injunctions that barred computer users from posting DeCSS
     on their websites.

     Many experts are concerned that these actions may stifle
     free expression in cyberspace. Robin Gross of the
     Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) noted that the motion
     picture industry's attempted ban on links to DeCSS were "a
     quick way to kill speech on the Net". EFF currently
     represents defendants in both the New York and California

     Some of the links DVD CCA and MPAA wants to be illegal:




     Several corporate executives, including a high-level
     official at British Telecom (BT), are currently discussing
     plans to restrict websites with controversial content
     through their domain names.

     These discussions were brought to light in an e-mail message
     from John C. Lewis, BT's representative to the International
     Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN
     was created several years ago to deal with several Internet
     protocol related issues, including domain name registration.
     In the message, which had been accidentally sent to a public
     list, Lewis suggested that sites with offensive material
     should be branded with special domain names. In particular,
     Lewis said that such webpages should be allowed to use some
     of the new domain names categories that ICANN is currently

     Afterwards, Lewis claimed that these measures were necessary
     to protect "vulnerable members of the community."

     For Lewis' original message, visit



     The Burmese government has issued new rules which bar
     political dissent on the Internet.

     The new regulations prohibit any commentary considered to be
     "detrimental to government policies". Myanmar Post and
     Telecommunications, which is the country's sole Internet
     service provider, issued these standards several weeks ago,
     according to Burmese television.

     These moves come months after Reporters Sans Frontieres had
     labeled the ruling Burmese regime one of the twenty greatest
     enemies of the Internet, along with such countries as North
     Korea, Libya and Iraq.



     Recent events have provided a glimpse at a top secret
     project which may be able to censor Internet content.

     On December 9-10, 1999, the World Intellectual Property
     Organization (WIPO) held a "Workshop on Service Provider
     Liability" in Geneva, Switzerland. Among the papers
     presented was a document that mentioned the German Rights
     Protection System (RPS). RPS is a highly secretive software
     package which is reportedly capable of filtering out
     controversial materials from cyberspace. While few details
     on RPS have been made publicly available, many observers
     fear that this potentially powerful program might be used
     to stifle free expression on the Internet.

     Reports indicate that RPS is already being field tested.
     A recent article in the German publication Telepolis
     suggests that in spring 2000, German Internet Service
     Providers who have border gateway routers may be asked to
     install the program, in an effort to stamp out questionable

     For press coverage of RPS developments(in German), read
     Christiane Schulzki-Haddouti, "Dialog mit Hindernissen",
     Heise Telepolis, Feb. 17, 2000, at

     For more information, visit

     A PDF version of this file is available at


     p o l i t i c  &  s o c i e t y


     Sigue Sigue Sputnik 2000 with Tony James, Martin Degville
     and Neal X will do new gigs in april. They will play songs
     from their new album "Pirate Space" who gonna be released
     in april.

     April 23: LA2, London, England.
     April 29: Whitby Gothic Festival, England.
     April 30: Live TV, Dortmund, Tyskland.
     June 10: Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig, Tyskland.



     Rhino records will release the 2-CD Devo anthology,
     "Pioneers Who Got Scalped," on April 25. The collection
     features hits, unreleased tracks, and soundtrack
     contributions from the pioneering new-wave band, which came
     to fame in the late '70s but has remained relatively
     inactive in recent years.

     Among the rarities included on "Pioneers" are "One Dumb
     Thing," which was used in the CD-ROM game "Interstate '82";
     b-sides such as "Nu-Tra Speaks" and "Soo-Bawlz"; and two
     previously unreleased songs from the soundtrack to "Meet
     Wally Sparks."

     The set also features "The Words Get Stuck In My Throat," a
     new song recorded exclusively for "Pioneers." As expected,
     the band's trademark covers of the Rolling Stones' "(I Can't
     Get No) Satisfaction," Jimi Hendrix's "Are You Experienced,"
     and Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like A Hole" are included on the

     Official Track Listing Is As Follows:

     Pioneers Who Got Scalped (An Anthology)
     Rhino R2 75967
     Release Date: April 25 2000

     Disc 1
     1. We're All Devo! - Boogie Boy & General Boy
     2. Jocko Homo (Booji Boy Version)
     3. Mongoloid (Booji Boy Version)
     4. Be Stiff (Stiff Version)
     5. Uncontrollable Urge
     6. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
     7. Too Much Paranoias
     8. Come Back Jonee
     9. Triumph Of The Will
     10. Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA
     11. Secret Agent Man
     12. The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize
     13. Soo-Bawlz
     14. It Takes A Worried Man
     15. Girl U Want
     16. Freedom Of Choice
     17. Gates Of Steel
     18. Whip It
     19. Snowball (Single Version)
     20. Mr. B's Ballroom
     21. Working In The Coal Mine
     22. Love Without Anger
     23. Through Being Cool
     24. Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth
     25. Beautiful World
     26. Nu-Tra Speaks - New Traditionalist Man

     Disc 2
     1. Peek-A-Boo!
     2. That's Good
     3. Big Mess
     4. One Dumb Thing
     5. Theme From Doctor Detroit (Dance Mix)
     6. Shout
     7. Here To Go (Go Mix Version)
     8. Are You Experienced?
     9. I Wouldn't Do That To You
     10. Bread And Butter
     11. Let's Talk
     12. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini
     13. Baby Doll (Devo Single Mix)
     14. Disco Dancer (7-Inch Version)
     15. Some Things Never Change
     16. It Doesn't Matter To Me (Live, 1988)
     17. Stuck In A Loop
     18. Post Post-Modern Man
     19. Head Like A Hole
     20. Thanks To You
     21. Communication Break-Up
     22. Duty Now For The Future! - General Boy
     23. The Words Get Stuck In My Throat (New Recording)



     The bloke who invented them, conned the tannoy announcer
     into saying them by pretending they were foreign names.

     This is his story.....

     "We'd go and sit on the balcony at Terminal 3 at Heathrow,
     directly under one of the speakers as the roof is low. We
     put the tape machine in our bag with the microphone poking
     out of the top. We'd look for a flight that'd arrived in
     the last 40 minutes from somewhere where you'd expect
     mental names, then write a letter saying "Could you go and
     pick up etc. etc. from flight, etc". That way, it looked
     like it'd been arranged in advance as the flight arrival
     details were written on the note. We also wore an ID-style
     badge and carried a mobile so that we looked like taxi
     drivers. One of us would get the first one read out and
     then the other did the second.
     We'd pretend to be unable to pronounce it and then hand
     them the bit of paper with the name written on it. Long
     winded, but well worth it!

     These are the names written down:

     1. Arheddis Varkenjaab and Aywellbe Fayed
     2. Arhevbin Fayed and Bybeiev Rhibodie
     3. Aynayda Pizaqvick and Malexa Kriest
     4. Awul Dasfilshabeda and Nowaynayda Zheet
     5. Makollig Jezvahted and Levdaroum DeBahzted
     6. Steelaygot Maowenbach and Tuka Piziniztee "

     And this is what they sound like:

     1. "I hate this fucking job, and I will be fired."
     2. "I've just been fired, and bye-bye everybody."
     3. "I need a piss quick, and my legs are crossed."
     4. "Oo-ah, that's better and now I need a shit."
     5. "My colleague just farted, and left the room, the
     6. "Still, I got my own back and took a piss in his tea."

     We got rumbled doing the "My colleague just, etc". They
     actually threatened to arrest us as apparently they'd
     actually had complaints over the previous weeks! We were
     toying with doing it again just to see what they'd arrest
     us for, but we rang Chris and all he said was, "go to
     Gatwick!". This is the reason the last one sounds so crap
     'cos Gatwick is a much noisier place and the ceilings are
     high, and it was difficult to get near a speaker. The
     lengths we had to go to..."

     You can also listen to the soundfiles:



     Porn star Buck Adams put a little too much of the method
     into his acting when he had a heart attack on the set of
     Perverted Stories 25.

     Adams suffered the coronary while in a steamy clinch with
     starlet Aspen Brook, turned purple and was declared
     medically dead at the scene. Luckily, paramedics were able
     to zap the flagging stud back to life. Only two days later,
     he was discharged from hospital and into the arms of Brook,
     whom he promptly married.

     Adding an even stranger kink to the tale, the scene in which
     Adams' ticker gave up while he was giving out was supposed
     to end in Buck's character having a fake heart attack. The
     director might not have got that far, but the not-so-
     chastened star is determined to finish the movie. Even if it
     kills him.



     The world's most tasteless restaurant has been forced to
     redecorate after complaints from an Israeli diplomat made
     them realise that their concentration camp theme really
     wasn't a good idea. Uri Gutman, Israel's representative in
     Taiwan, chanced upon the Jail in a fashionable downtown area
     of Taipei. The diner was decorated with picture of
     concentration camp gates and inmates, had a 'Gas chambers'
     sign placed over the toilets and armed watchtowers painted
     onto the walls. All these have since been removed, although
     the restaurant is still divided into 'cells' and a mural of
     starving concentration camp inmates remains visible.

     Jail owner Stone Cheng said his diner had been designed
     without malice. "We did this very innocently," he claimed.
     "These things are very far away from us." Gutman agreed that
     the incident stemmed from ignorance rather than sinister
     political motives. Though why the Taiwanese would be happy
     to have a night out in a pseudo death camp remains



     Rachel Schrieber is a video artist, writer and photographer.
     Currently she teaches at the Herron School at Indiana
     University in Indianapolis. This piece is based on her most
     recent videotape, Please Kill Me; I'm a Faggot Nigger Jew.
     In this tape, she investigates how the history and
     iconography of the Holocaust have found their way into
     contemporary sexuality.

       To: gl-asb.alt.sex.bondage mailing list
       From: justine@aol.com
       Re: Nazi-fetish SM

       Hi Everyone,

       I am currently conducting research about people who
       practice Nazi-fetish SM. If you define yourself as a
       practitioner, and would like to participate, please
       e-mail me and I will send you a questionnaire.




       Reply to: justine@aol.com
       Your age: 40
       Your gender: M
       Do you, and if so, how do you define your sexual
       orientation: Straight male switch, can be extremely
       sadistic or masochistic.

       Do you, and if so, how do you define your cultural/
       religious/national background: Atheist but believe in
       reincarnation, Asian.

       Please describe in detail what is involved in Nazi-fetish
       SM for you:  I enjoy being tortured by sexy sadistic
       (racist) Single White Females and would love to torture a
       sexy Jewish woman using electric shocks, forced enemas,
       very tight bondage, etc.

       Please describe why you enjoy Nazi-fetish SM: Possibly
       because its a very severe form of SM, and it's real.


       Reply to: justine@aol.com
       Your age: 39
       Your gender: Female but gay male wannabe A"FTM". I play
       with the gay boys, cross-dress completely as a man, and
       am in gender reassessment counseling.

       Do you, and if so how do you define your sexual
       orientation: Isn't the above confusing enough?

       Do you, and if so, how do you define your cultural/
       religious/national background:  Raised in middle class
       suburbs of Chicago, IL; Italian; Puerto Rican; intensive
       Roman Catholic (no religion now).

       Please describe in detail what is involved in Nazi-fetish
       SM for you: I would like to send you a few articles I have
       written. I have begun work on a zine on this topic. I am
       willing to snail mail it to you, as it is too large and
       has too many photos to try and send by e-mail. The zine
       has several photo spreads, a few very intense stories of
       Nazis torturing and killing Jews, and an editorial about
       why I think Nazis are hot (despite my real life anti-Nazi
       views). I hope to be able to publish it someday

     She insisted on sending me her zine, so I gave her my real
     name and address. I opened the envelope that had arrived in
     the mail. Inside were some typed stories, and some
     photographs. I looked at the photograph first; I saw a
     picture of a man shot from below, his arms crossed on his
     chest and a cap all but covering his eyes. He was wearing
     chaps, high black leather boots, a cap, and an armband which
     bore the insignia of the SS. His chest was buff, and at his
     crotch was an enormous bulge. One of his booted legs was
     placed firmly on the chest of another person. This person
     was not in the light that shone upward; it was not possible
     to tell if this other person was a man or a woman. There was
     something odd, though, about the way in which this boot was
     placed: it seemed just that, placed, not stepping, so it
     seemed that this was not a snapshot snapped amidst an act of
     violence, but rather a pose.

     I read the stories. They were stories of Jews being
     tortured. The scenes of torture were sexual, people being
     forced to accept urine in their mouths, bodies being
     penetrated by riding crops. I am aware of my crotch; does
     this mean I am turned on? But this is not how I feel, I feel
     fuzzy. I feel like I don't know where my body is in relation
     to these words.

     I suddenly find myself thinking about a doll I had when I
     was a child. I thought about the day my friend came over,
     and had her doll dressed in a Christmas outfit. She asked me
     if I was going to get one for mine. I told her no, my doll
     was Jewish. "No she can't be," my friend said, "they're both
     the same." I looked at the two dolls, clutched in our hands,
     they looked exactly alike. They had the same blond hair, the
     same painted-on stars in their painted-on blue eyes. "It
     doesn't matter," said, "mine's Jewish."

       To: gl-asb alt.sex.bondage mailing list
       From: randy@aol.com
       If you were to ask about my background, I would tell you
       that I was never a child. I am only part of this
       imaginative space in which I hover, ready to disappear at
       whim. I am confronted by your excesses, somewhere along
       these lines.


       Reply to: justine@aol.com
       Your age: 29 and 19
       Your gender: Women

       Do you, and if so how, do you define your sexual
       orientation:  Women who love women in a mistress/slave

       Do you, and if so how, do you define your cultural/
       religious/national background: Racially pure, genetically
       perfect Aryan Americans. Norse pagan hell-raisers' cult,
       right wing American nationalist.

       Please describe in detail what is involved in Nazi-fetish
       SM for you: Dressing up in SS or SA uniforms, in whole or
       in part, some authentic, some I had custom made, some like
       men's, most are women's. Also women's fashions of the
       time, some authentic, some I had custom made. Listening to
       speeches or music of the time while we do it. The Purest
       Blood-Holy Soil Ritual. The activities at the parties we
       go to. We are part of a Nazi underground organization that
       throws social and cultural events in addition to political
       action. I cannot reveal too much about this.

       Please describe why you enjoy Nazi-fetish SM: My
       grandfather was an SS officer. We are pure Aryans. We
       don't believe in the more tyrannical aspects of National
       Socialism, but we do believe in the science of human
       eugenics. We are the Master Race. The new generation of
       American Nazis are very different than the old Germans.
       We are modem, hi-tech, and our time is coming again! It's
       fun and we love the art, clothes, music, flags, symbolism
       and cultural icons of the time.


       To: gl-asb alt sex.bondage mailing list
       From: randy@aol.com
       Let us say that any person who lived through the time of
       the Holocaust was either a survivor, or a participant My
       family was neither; my conception resulted from a desire
       to think a world in which one might be neither.


       Reply to: justine@aol.com
       Your age: 24
       Your gender: Male.

       Do you, and if so, how do you define your sexual
       orientation:  Ooh, hard one. I oscillate all over the
       damned place, usually avoid the het label, used to define
       myself as gay, but being involved with two women (one hi,
       one dyke) makes that real hard. Bisexual leaning toward
       gay? I dunno. Let me know if this is an important question
       to answer.

       Do you, and if so, how do you define your cultural/
       religious/national background: Hmm. National: Israeli,
       mostly 14 of my 23 years were spent in Israel.
       Cultural/Religious: Jewish.

       Please describe in detail what is involved in Nazi-fetish
       SM for you: Nazi imagery doesn't get me off, exactly, it
       doesn't make me hot, or hard. It's effective and powerful,
       which means that my dom can use it to induce a certain
       state of victimization in me. This is especially true
       because I know my dom has some Nazi ancestors (as in,
       Germans who fought in WWII). If you're looking for detail
       Anything that seriously deals with German/Jew interactions
       will get to me, usually My owner and I have joked about
       it, certainly I'm my owner's little Jewish lampshade, we

       Please describe why you enjoy Nazi-fetish SM: Out of the
       context of the scene, Nazi imagery scares the shit out of
       me but the fact that it's so powerful and frightening is
       part of what makes it so attractive; it's a powerful tool
       for my dom to drive right through my defenses to my soul.

       Add to that the extremely strong anti-German and anti-Nazi
       childhood I had. I was born and raised in Israel, went to
       see Yad Vashem in Jerusalem (the memorial to the
       Holocaust), and was taught a whole lot about it in
       elementary school. Add to that the fact that my personal
       political beliefs seem to conflict so strongly with the
       Nazi philosophy (I tend to be a rather vehement liberal
       libertarian), and the fact that it's such a taboo, and
       you might be scratching the surface.


       To: gl-asb alt.sex.bondage mailing list
       From: randy@aol.
       You ask about my desires. We want that which we are not,
       we want in order that we might become whole, that we may
       return. But I have nowhere to return to, being that I
       have only always been here. My only desire is to
       understand yours.


       Reply to: justine@aol.com
       Your age: 26

       Your gender: Female

       Do you, and if so, how do you define your sexual
       orientation: Cyberqueer faggot dyke leather switch. A
       genderless beast in the body of a woman, a savage
       predator who can also bare her throat in turn, huntress
       and prey.

       Do you, and if so how do you define your cultural/
       religious/national background: Wiccan, traditional Celtic.

       Please describe in detail what is involved in Nazi-fetish
       SM for you: It's just another fun fantasy to me. Out of
       respect for people's sensitivities to the recent and very
       real atrocities committed by the Nazis, I do not make any
       kind of public display of this particular scene, and
       reserve it only for play with partners who specifically
       request this of me. I don't personally mind playing with
       this fantasy, but that's all it is for me. The idea of
       real prejudice and hatred is not attractive or a turn-on
       to me; my father and grandmother and uncle were put into
       internment camps simply because they were Japanese, and
       I consider that a real crime against humanity

       Please describe why you enjoy Nazi-fetish SM: I've done
       it a few times and found it fun and enjoyable. The idea of
       playing the role of a cruel and beautiful Nazi torturer
       who is absolutely brutal, absolutely vicious, is a turn-on
       to me. Naturally, this fantasy image bears little or no
       resemblance to actual historical reality, but it's fun to
       play with anyhow

       I like to play with "snuff" fantasies, real edge play
       taking someone as far into the depths of terror and sheer
       physical brutality as is safely possible.
       The Nazi scenario is only one possible setting for this
       fantasy which is of course merely a fantasy! I am
       meticulously careful and thoroughly skilled in playing
       out these scenarios with all manner of tools and toys,
       and no one who plays with me ever actually gets hurt.
       Well, they may say "ouch," and leave my dungeon with a
       few welts and bruises, but they do leave with no harm

       The key here is consensuality and shared fantasy After a
       brutal session of being a Nazi torturer with an
       "unwilling" victim, I insist on having a come-down period
       where we talk, and there are usually hugs and positive
       stroking involved, reassuring my "victim" that the S&M
       really was done from a space of caring and shared fantasy
       role-playing, and was not born from actual hatred or
       negativity or prejudice of any kind.

     I receive an e-mail. "FTM" wants to hear my response to the
     story and the photograph that she mailed to me. She says
     that Randy's reaction to her stories on the Net were closed-
     minded. She says she knows I will be objective, and she
     wants to know what I think. I try to phrase my response,
     which seems wholly inarticulable. I re-read the story. I get
     to the bits with dialogue, epithets tossed to the victim,
     "I'm going to send you to the showers with the others, I am
     going to rip your filthy Jew body apart limb by limb." I
     have to put it down.

     I realize then that the problem is that the sender of the
     story has crossed a boundary that was never meant to be
     crossed. She sent something to me that Justine was supposed
     to receive, and that Randy was supposed to analyze. As I
     think about what I can write to her, I realize that my
     emotional reaction is one part of my response; but Justine's
     and Randy's responses are just as much mine, because I
     created them in order to investigate.

     Curiosity, a desire to understand, and an emotional
     ambivalence are all aspects of my response. But if I tell
     her this, I will reveal my fictions.


     s e t  c o n t e n t s


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     Funky Scratch



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     You have the right to free speech
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