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Whoa!! this site has been hit times!!!

I did not hack this site in order to cause trouble for anyone (except maybe Kriegsman Inc.). I fully understand the responsiblities of a system administrator and understand it is a thankless job. This is in no way the administrator's fault (or whoever is in control of security at ShopTheNet). I tried to do this as carefully as I could, in order not to cause any problems for the site administrator(s). Anyway, this was done in the name of animal rights.

Today's consumer is completely oblivious to what goes on in order for their product to arrive at the mall for them to buy. It is time that the consumer be aware of what goes on in many of today's big industries. Most importantly, the food industries. For instance, dairy cows are injected with a chemical called BGH that is very harmful to both humans and the cows. This chemical gives the cows bladder infections. This makes the cows bleed and guess what? It goes straight in to your bowl of cereal. Little does the consumer know, nor care. The same kind of thing goes on behind the back of fur wearers. The chemicals that are used to process and produce the fur are extremely bad for our earth. Not only that, but millions of animals are slaughtered for fur and leather coats. I did this in order to wake up the blind consumers of today. Know the facts.

Having doubts about animal rights? This should clear them up...THE Animal Rights FAQ

A good Animal Rights site. Go there.The American Anti-Vivesection Society

Want visual proof of the animal abuse that goes on in the big industries? Check this site out: The Animal Rights Picture Gallery

Learn how to live an animal friendly life. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Here is the address of Kriegsman Furs. Write them a nasty letter, prank call them, e-mail bomb them. Do everything you can to fuck them up. They deserve it.

502-M East Cornwallis Drive * Greensboro, NC 27405-5677 * 910.272.1322

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