A Brief History of Banned Music in the United States
  A Reader's Guide to the Underground Press
  Alt.Censorship (Usenet)
  Alt.Privacy (Usenet)
  American Civil Liberties Union
  Banned books On-line
  Becka's First Amendment Rights Page
  Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech
  Blue Ribbon Campaign - Graphics
  Bonfire of Liberties
  Bookburning, banning and censorship
  Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression
  Campaign Against Censorship of the Internet in Britain
  Censored Books
  Censoring the Net - Disguised as "Fighting Terrorism"!
  Censorship and Intellectual Freedom Page
  Censorship On the Internet: How It Will Happen
  Censorship Pages
  Censurerad Usenet
  Center for democracy & technology
  Center For Media Education
  Chronicle of free expression in Canada
  Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition
  Clockwork Apple
  Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
  Computers and Academic Freedom
  Congress Privacy and Cyber-Liberties Legislation
  Conspiracy To Erect An Electronic Iron Curtain
  Consumer Project on Technology
  Controlling Access to the Internet
  Controlling Dissemination Mechanisms
  Copyright Website
  Cradle - Cyber Rights And Digital Liberties Encyclopedia
  Cybercivics - Politics and the Internet
  Cyberporn & Bogus Research
  Cyberporn debate
  Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK)
  Cybersitter: Where Do We Not Want You To Go Today?
  Cyberrights Archive
  Cyberwire politics
  Datafrihet i Sverige?
  Declaration of an Independent Internet
  Digital Freedom Network
  Digital Future Coalition
  Direktdemokratins mšjligheter i ett datoriserat samhŠlle
  Electronic Freedom Foundation
  Electronic Freedom Foundation- Action Alerts
  Electronic Frontiers Australia
  Electronic Privacy Information Center
  Elektroniska Fronten
  EPIC Alert
  Ethical Spectacle

  Families against Internet censorship
  Feminstis against censorship
  Feminists for free expression
  Fileroom, The
  Filtering ISPs and Censorware: The New Crusade
  First Amendment Cybertribune
  First Amendment News
  Free Speech Movement Archives
  Free speech Newspaper
  Freedom Forum
  Freedom of expression links
  Freedom Writer
  Full disclosure
  Global Internet Liberty Campaign
  Golden Key Campaign for Private Communications Online
  How Free is Free Speech?
  How many websites went dark?
  Illegal and harmful content on the Internet
  Index on Censorship
  Indiana Civil Liberties Union - Your Rights in Cyberspace
  Inga nyliberaler i Umeå
  Information about Labeling and Rating Systems
  Internet as a political weapon
  Internet Free Expression Alliance
  Internet Freedom
  Internet Privacy Coalition
  Internet Watch Foundation
  Is the Net to blame?
  Items the censors don¥t want you to see
  Justice Store
  Link Controversy Page
  Mer porr i kiosken än p Internet
  More porn on newstands than on the Internet
  Net Censorship Dilemma: Liberty or Tyranny
  Net Hysteria in the Mainstream Media
  Newspeak and doublethink
  Online Guide to Privacy Resources
  Original Exon Expatriate Pages
  Paranoia Web
  Privacy International
  Privacy Journal
  Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
  Privacy Site
  Privacy Times
  Reno v. ACLU Decision
  Reporters sans frontiËres
  Sex, censorship and the internet
  Should We Link to the Unabomber?
  Storebror ser dig inte
  Svensk datalagstiftning
  Svensk IT-debatt
  T. Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression
  Threats to Internet freedom
  Tools for Protecting Online Privacy
  Ungdomens IT-råd
  Up yours congress!
  Upprop fšr yttrandefriheten
  VTW Netcensorship Focus
  Why I hate censorship
  World Wide Freedom Campaign
  Writers Against Repression (WAR)
  Öppna IT-kommissionen

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