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  Alexandre Konanykhine v. Russian Mafia
  Alleged Mafia Site, The
  An Urban Ethnography of Latino Street Grangs
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  Baby Face Nelson (Lester M. Gillis)
  Barrow Gang in Arkansas
  Big Pauly (Paul Castellano)
  Billy the Kid (1859-1881)
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  Black Sam Bellamy: Discovery
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  Blackbeard Lives!
  Blackbeard the Pirate and his Coastal Haunt Beaufort, NC
  Blackbeard: Discovery
  Blackbeard: Famous North Carolinians
  Blackbeard: King of Pirates
  Blackbeard: When Blackbeard Scourged the Seas
  Bonnie and Clyde in Oklahoma
  Bonnie and Clyde: FBI
  Bonnie and Clyde: Legendary Ladies of Texas
  Bonnie and Clyde: Lincoln High School Project
  Bonnie and Clyde: Murder of Cal Campbell
  Bonnie and Clyde: Romeo & Juliet in a Getaway Car
  Bonnie and Clyde: Running with Bonnie and Clyde
  Bonnie and Clyde: The Story of ...
  Bonnie and Clyde: Two Vicious Killers
  Bugsy Siegel
  CCC Report on Gangs
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  Hajime Takano's Interview Series - No.1
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  Jesse James
  Jesse James in the Movies
  Jesse James: Frank and Jesse James Family Outline
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  John Gotti: Crime Library
  John Gotti: Dapper Don, The
  John Gotti: Teflon Dapper Don, The
  Kray Twins: Krays of East London, The
  Kray Twins: Kray Story, The
  Kray Twins: Krays, The
  La Cosa Nostra
  Lisa Taylor-Austin, MS Ed.
  Lives and Deaths of the Two English Pyrats Purser
  Machine Gun Kelly
  Machine Gun Kelly and the Tupelo Bank Robbery
  Machine Gun Kelly: The Straight Story on ...
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