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  Addams Family, The
  Aki Kaurismäki: Aki, Matti and the Cowboys
  Akira Kurosawa Database
  Al Pacino: Out of the Cool
  Al Pacino: Understanding A Legend
  Alejandro Jodorowsky: The Symbol Grows
  Alfred Hitchcock: Advertising Hitchcock
  Alfred Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense
  Alice in Wonderland
  All Movie Guide
  American History X
  Amityville Horror, The
  Andy Garcia - The Webpage
  Anthony Hopkins: Eyes of the Storm
  Anthony Perkins Fan Club
  Antonio Banderas
  Apocalypse Now!
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  Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
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  Babes in Toyland - 1934
  Babes in Toyland - 1961
  Bad Movie Reports
  Bagdad Cafe
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  Barbarella - Queen of the Galaxy
  Barbra Streisand: The Barbara File
  Barton Fink
  Bela Lugosi: The Chamber of Dr. Werdegast
  Bela Lugosi: The Webworld of Bela Lugosi
  Bernardo Bertolucci Page
  Bette Davis: Lynn's Page Devoted to ...
  Billy Crystal - Filmplex
  Biograf Sture
  Birth of a Nation - 1915
  Bizarro Video
  Black Feather Film & Video
  Blue Velvet
  Blues Brothers
  Bo Derek Official Home Page
  Bob Hope
  Bonnie & Clyde
  Boogie Nights
  Boris Karloff (IMDb)
  Boris Karloff Home Page
  Boris Karloff: A Tribute to Boris Karloff
  Brad Pitt cinemasite
  Brian Dennehy: Playbill
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  Brigitte Nielsen (IMDb)
  Brooke Shield: Amazing Brooke Shields Gossip!
  Bruce Boxleitner - Tripute Page
  Bruce Campbell
  Bruce Willis:
  Burt Reynolds: Church of Burt Reynolds
  Burt Reynolds: Unofficial Fan Club Website
  Buster Keaton: Generally Buster
  Cabinet of Dr. Casey
  Casablanca - 1943
  Cassandra Peterson (Elvira)
  Chaplin: Buzu's unofficial www page
  Chaplin: Charlie Chaplin UK
  Chaplin: Unofficial Movie Site
  Charles Bronson Homepage
  Charlie Sheen: The Unofficial Charles Sheen Website
  Cher: Actress singer woman... Cher!
  Chesty Morgan Shrine, The
  Christian Slater homepage
  Christine F.
  Christopher Atkins Unofficial Web Site
  Christopher Lambert website
  Christopher Reeve Homepage
  Christopher Walken
  Cinema Sites
  Citizen Kane - 1941
  Clark Gable - King of Hollywood
  Clint Eastwood Homepage
  Clint Eastwood Page
  Clint Eastwood:
  Clive Barker - Souls at Zero
  Clockwork Orange, A
  Cotton Comes to Harlem, 1970
  Cranium Candy Entertainment
  Cyber Film School
  Dario Argento: Dark Dreams
  Das Boot
  Das Boot (II)
  David Cronenberg: The New Flesh Directory
  David Lynch: Lynch Link
  David Lynch: The Universe of David Lynch
  Dawn of the Dead
  Day of the Dead
  Death Race 2000
  Death Wish
  Deer Hunter
  Dennis Leary Official Web Site
  Dennis Hopper Page
  Dennis Hopper: Mr. Showbiz Celebrities
  Denzel Washington Photo Gallery
  Der Ewige Jude
  Derek Jarman
  Devil's Advocate
  Divine: Dark Lady's Divine Shrine
  Divine: Mich's Divine Sounds
  Divine: Psychedelic Shack of Divinity
  Doctor Dolittle
  Dolph Lundgren - Dolph: the definitive guide
  Don Johnson: Amy's Page
  Banzai Institute
  Donald Sutherland: Mr Showbiz Celebrities
  Donnie Brasco - FBI document
  Doors - The Movie
  Dr. Strangelove
  Drew Barrymore
  Dudley Moore (IMDb)
  Dustin Hoffman: Emily's D.H. WWW Page
  Easy Rider
  Ed Wood: Church of the Heavenly Wood
  Ed Wood: Defekt - Hall of Fame
  Eddie Murphy: Eddie's Crib
  Elvira - The Mistress of the Dark
  Elvira - Scared Stiff (Pinball)
  Emma Thompson Archiv@s
  Errol Flynn: Hollywood's Greatest Swashbuckler
  Evil Dead
  Exorcist, The
  Fag Hag
  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (II)
  Federico Fellini: Images and Archetypes
  Fifth Element, The
  Film 100
  Film Wizards
  Flash Gordon
  Forbidden Planet
  Francis Ford Coppola: Salon Brilliant Careers
  Frankenstein - 1910
  Fred Astaire
  Friday the 13th
  From Dusk Till Dawn
  Full Metal Jacket
  Gary Cooper: The Gary Cooper Homepage
  Gary Oldman: The Dark Side of Gary Oldman
  Gary Oldman: The Soft Distortion
  Gene Hackman: Nightmare's page
  Gene Kelly Tribute
  George and Mike Kuchar Interview
  Get Shorty
  Godfather, The
  Godfather, The - Part 1 Transcript
  Godzilla (II)
  Goldie Hawn: MacMan's Unofficial Page
  Gone in 60 seconds
  Gone with the Wind
  Grace Kelly: The Lovely
  Greatest Films
  Greta Garbo: A Tribute to ...
  Hal Hartley: Trouble and Desire
  Harrison Ford: A Web Guide to the Films
  Harvey Keitel: Mr. Showbiz Celebrities
  Heather Locklear: Absolutely Heather Locklear
  Heavy Metal - The Movie
  Henrik Schyffert
  Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
  Henry Fonda: Classic Movies
  High Art
  Hollywood Online
  Howard The Duck
  Hugh Grant Photos
  Humphrey Bogart
  Indie Films
  Ingmar Bergman: The Magic Works of ...
  Internet Movie Database
  Invaders From Mars - 1953
  Izabella Scorupco: The I.S. Gateway
  Jack Lemmon: Classic Movie
  Jack Nicholson Page, The
  Jack Nicholson: Mr. Showbiz Celebrities
  Jackie Brown
  Jackie Brown - Unofficial homepage
  Jackie Chan: I am Jacki Chan: My Life in Action
  James Bond
  James Bond - 007 Archives
  James Dean: Deaners
  Jamie Lee Curtis - Amazing Jamie Lee Curtis
  Jayne Mansfield Online Fan Club
  Jayne Mansfield: Grave of Jayne Mansfield
  Jayne Mansfield: Too Hot To Handle
  Jean Cocteau Setup
  Jean-Claude Van Damme: Van Damme Manor
  Jeff Goldblum: Blumquarters
  Jerry Lewis Official Comedy Museum
  Jim Jarmusch: It's a sad and beautiful world
  Jodie Foster: Alexander's Archive
  Joe Pesci: The Unofficial Joe Pesci Page
  John Belushi Tribute Page
  John Carpenter:
  John Carpenter: The "Carpenticized" Side of the Web
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  John Malkovich Links n'Resources
  John Malkovich Unofficial Page
  John Malkovich WebRing
  John Travolta
  John Travolta: The Ultimate John Travolta Homepage
  John Waters
  John Waters Worship Page
  John Waters: Dreamland
  John Waters: Two Jealous Perverts
  John Wayne: An American Treasure
  John Woo: Bullet in the Web
  Johnny Depp: A Fan's Page for ...
  Johnny Mnemonic
  Jon Voight: A Dedication to ...
  Judy Garland Showcase
  Julia Roberts: Abandon yourself to ...
  Juliette Lewis Lite Brite Slide Show
  Juliette Lewis Web Pages, The
  Keanue Reeves: Absolutely Keanu Reeves
  Kelly's Heroes
  Kenneth Anger
  Kevin Bacon - Bacon World
  Kevin Costner - A Perfect World
  Killing Zoe
  King Kong
  Kirk Douglas: Classic Movies
  Klaus Kinski: The Complete Guide to ...
  Krzysztof Kieslowski: Kieslowski Web Network
  Kurt Russel: The New Kurt Russel Page

  L.A. Confidential
  L.A. Confidential (II)
  Larry Clark: Alt.culture
  Laurel & Hardy Tribute Page
  Leif Garrett Tribute Page
  Lena Olin: Mr. Showbiz Celebrities
  Leonard Nimoy Club Online
  Leonard Nimoy: Spock Sings
  Liam Neeson: On a Corner of the Web
  Linda Blair - The Unofficial Linda Blair Fan Site
  Lisa Bonet (on IMDB)
  Little Shop of Horrors
  Lolita - 1962
  Lords of the Ring Trilogy, The
  Los Angeles Com / Movies
  Lost Highways
  Luc Besson: L'Histoire de Luc Besson
  Lucio Fulci: Godfather of Gore
  Luminous Film & Video Wurks
  Mad Max Movies FAQ
  Mad Max: Road Warrior Forever
  Made in Britain
  Mae West Home Page
  Maila Nurmi (Vampira): Mistress to the Horror Kid
  Marilyn Monroe Online
  Marilyn Monroe: Marilyn in Korea
  Mark Hamill Hide-Out
  Mark Wahlberg: The Official Mark Wahlberg Web Site
  Marlene Dietrich - Glamour Gallery
  Marlon Brando - Brandoland
  Martin Scorsese: A God Among Directors
  Marx Brother's Hollywood, The
  Mask of Zorro, The
  Matt Dillon in Black & White
  Max von Sydow: Dante's MVS Homepage
  Meg Ryan dot com
  Mel Brooks Humor Site
  Mel Gibson: Sooma's Mel Gibson Site
  Meryl Streep Online
  Michael Douglas Fan Page
  Michael Douglas Official Website
  Michelle Pfeiffer: Absolutly Pfeiffer
  Mickey Rourke: Mr. Showbiz Celebrities
  Midnight Cowboy
  Midnight Cowboy (II)
  Mike Meyers Home
  Millers Crossing
  Milos Forman (IMDb)
  Mission: Impossible
  Mississipi Burning
  Movie Web
  Mr. Bean
  Mr. T Resource Archive, The
  Muppet Show, The
  National Lampoon's Animal House
  Natural Born Killer
  New York Film Index
  Nick Nolte Unofficial Web Site
  Nicole Kidman Internet Headquarters, The
  Night of the Living Dead
  Nightmare Before Christmas
  Nightmare on Elm Street
  Olivia Newton John: Olivia Splash Page
  On The Edge Video
  Orson Welles: Touch of Welles
  Paramount Pictures
  Paul Newman: The Paul Page
  Pedro Almodóvar: Almodóvarlandia
  People vs. Larry Flynt, The
  Peta Wilson - La Femme Nikita
  Peta Wilson - The Site
  Peter Fonda: Mr. Showbiz Interview
  Peter Greenway
  Peter Greenway: Greenway Guide by Uwe Hemmen
  Peter Jackson: The Bastard Have Landed!
  Peter Sellers Tribute Page
  Pier Paolo Pasolini: Art Italy
  Pier Paolo Pasolini: Cinemushrooms
  Pier Paolo Pasolini: Biografia in inglese
  Pillow Book, The
  Pimp's Up, Ho's Down: The Director's Cut
  Pink Flamingos!
  Pink Floyd - The Wall
  Pink Panther
  Plan 9 From Outer Space
  Planet of the Apes - Forbidden Zone
  Planet of the Apes - Think simian
  Popcorn Q
  Psycho - 1960
  Pulp Fiction
  Pulp Fiction (II)
  Quentin Tarantino Domain
  Quentin Tarantino: A God Among Directors
  Quentin Tarantino: The Reservoir
  Quentin Tarantino: The Tarantino Café
  Rainer Werner Fassbinder: Filmography
  Rainer Werner Fassbinder: 1 World Festival
  Raquel Welch Ring
  Reel Video Store
  Regina Lund
  Reservoir Dogs
  Reservoir Dogs - Let's Go to Work
  Richard Gere: Adonis of the XX Century
  Richard Kern
  Richard Kern: Are You Up To Date With ...
  Richard Kern: Bleachpic
  Richard Kern: Nerve
  River Phoenix: Eternal River
  RM Films International, Inc.
  Rob Lowe: The Unofficial Rob Lowe Page
  Robert Altman Appreciation Site, The
  Robert De Niro & Martin Scorsese Tribute Site
  Robert De Niro Homepage
  Robert Duvall Fan Page "Hat Creek"
  Robert Englund: The Modern Master of Horror
  Robert Mitchum: Bad Boy of the Movie
  Robert Mitchum: Mr. Showbiz Celebrities
  Robert Redford Homepage
  Robert Rodriguez: A God Among Directors
  Rocky Horror Picture Show
  Roger Moore: Actors, Movies and Moore
  Roman Polanski: The Films of ...
  Ronnie Cramer's Cult Film Site
  Rosemary's Baby
  Rowan Atkinson Page, The
  Rudolph Valentino: Falcon Lair
  Runaway Train
  Russ Meyer
  Russ Meyer's Ultravixens
  Rutger Hauer: Jan's Tribute
  Rutger Hauer: Our Boy Rutger Hauer
  Rutger Hauer: Rutger Hauer 2000
  Sam Neill Official Home Page
  Sam Raimi Website, The
  Sammy Davis on Film
  Samuel L Jackson Home Page
  Saturday Night Fever
  Scooby-Doo & The Witch's Ghost
  Screen Edge
  Sean Penn: Let's Party! The Spicoli Page
  Seven Samurai
  Shaft - Set and Interior Photographs from the 1971 film
  Sharon Tate: Sharon Tate Forever
  Sheltering Sky, The
  Shining, The
  Shirley Maclaine: Classic Movies
  Shirley Temple Fan Page
  Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist
  Sid & Nancy
  Sigourney Weaver Page
  Silence of the Lamb
  Sony Pictures
  Sophia Loren: Champagne & Potato Chips
  Sophia Loren: The Epitome of Woman
  Spike Lee: Doing the Right Thing
  Spinal Tap
  Stanley Kubrick: No Compromise
  Star Trek
  Star Wars
  Steve McQueen Film Poster Site
  Steve McQueen Tribute Page, The
  Steven Seagul Resource Page
  Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive
  Strange Days
  Strange Days (II)
  Svenska Filmnätverket
  Sverige i Filmerna
  Swamp Thing
  Sylvester Stallone: Mac's Sylvester Stallone Home Page
  Sylvester Stallone: Simply Sly
  Sylvester Stallone: Stallone Zone
  Tank Girl
  Taxi Driver
  Terminator Movies
  Terry Gilliam's Brazil
  Tex Avery at M.G.M.'s (1942-1955)
  Tex Avery Tribute
  Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  Tim Burton: Everyone Needs a Hobby
  Tim Roth: The Officially Unofficial Web Page
  Tim Roth: The Unofficial Web Page
  Tobe Hooper: The Official Website
  Tom and Jerry: The Movie
  Tom Cruise webpage
  Tom Hanks: Mr. Showbiz Celebrities
  Tom Selleck Photo Gallery
  Tommy Lee Jones: An Obsession with ...
  Tony Curtis: The American Dreamboat
  Total Recall
  Traci Lords FAQ
  Traci Lords: Photo Gallery
  Traci Lords: Women Celebrity Pictures
  Trailers Park
  Triumph of the Will - 1934
  True Crime
  True Romance
  20th Century Fox
  Uma Turman Online
  Universal Studios
  Universal Pictures
  Until the End of the World
  Ursula Andress
  Val Kilmer: Planet Kilmer
  Val Kilmer: Sights and Sounds of Val Kilmer
  Velvet Goldmine
  Velvet Video
  Video Mayhem of Florida
  Video Search of Miami - Cult Movie Video Club
  Video Store Cult (VSC)
  Waco: The Rules of Engagement
  Walt Disney Pictures
  Warga mes
  Warner Bros. Movies
  Warriors, The
  Wes Craven's World
  Wesley Snipes: E! Online
  Where Eagles Dare
  Whoopie Goldberg page
  Wild Bill
  Wild Wild West Movie Page
  Wim Wenders
  Wim Wenders: Wings of Desire
  Winona Ryder: Matti's W.R. Page
  Wizard of Oz, The
  Woody Allen
  Woody Harrelson: World Wide Woody

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