Political Literature

  Aristotle - Athenian constitution
  Aristotle - Politics
  Bill of rights
  Bob Black - Abolition of work
  Edmund Burke - Reflections on the revolution in France
  Constitution of the USA
  Charles Darwin - The origin of spieces
  Léon Degrelle - The enigma of Hitler
  Douglass - Archives of American Public Address
  Electronic Text Center
  Friedrich Engels - The peasant war of Germany
  Friedrich Engels - Principles of communism
  Federalist Papers
  Governemt Documents in the News
  Che Guevara - Man and socialism in Cuba
  Hermann Göring - Aufbau einer nation
  Partik Henry - Give me liberty or give me death
  Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf (English)
  Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf (German)
  Adolf Hitler - Table Talks
  Thomas Hobbes - The Leviatian
  David Hume - Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
  Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
  Internet Classics Archive
  Thomas Jefferson - The decleration of independence
  Mu`ammar Kaddhafi - "The Green book"
  Martin Luther King - "I have a dream"
  Marxists Writers Archive
  Lenin - State and revolution
  Abraham Lincoln - Gettysburg Adres
  John Locke - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
  Rosa Luxemburg - Den ryska revolutionen
  Andrew MacDonald - Turner Diaries
  Magna Charta

  Karl Marx - Capital
  Karl Marx - Communist Manifesto
  Karl Marx - Det kommunistiska partiets manifest
  Karl Marx - Pariskommnunen
  Karl Marx - Value, price and profit
  Karl Marx - Wage, Labour, Capital
  John Stuart Mill - On liberty
  John Stuart Mill - Representative Government
  John Stuart Mill - Utilitarianism
  Montesquieu - The Spirit of Laws
  Nietzsche - Thus spoke Zarathustra
  Ulf Nilsson - Sverige sluten anstalt
  George Orwell - Politics and the English Language
  Thomas Paine - The Rights of Man
  Plato - The republic
  Plato - The statesman