Assorted Religions

  Abstract Ministry
  Adult Christianity
  All hail the Magical Plastic Grocery Bag
  B'nai B'rith interactive
  Balaam's Ass Speaks Journal
  Betty Bowers is a Better Christian than you
  Biblical Indecency for the Theologically Correct
  Billboards from the Godless
  Blind Chihuahua, The Virtual Church
  Catholic Information Center
  Church of Elvis
  Church of Euthanasia
  Church of Nothing At All
  Church of the Avocado
  Church of the Bunny
  Church of the Holy Pear
  Church of the Holy Spork
  Church of the Profit$
  Church of Twinkie
  Church of the Spinning Hamster
  Church of our Lord Beavis Christ
  Church of Virus
  Cult of the Almighty Dave
  Deal with the Devil
  First Church of Jesus Christ, Elvis
  First Church of Shatnerology
  First Presleyterian Church
  First United Church of the Fisher Price® Record Player
  God's own web page
  Great God Contest
  Hanjamana Zarathushtri Stockholm
  Hare Krishna index
  Hinduism Today
  His Holyness, Pope John Paul II, Excommunicated My Balls
  Homepage of God
  How to talk New Age

  Islaamic Network
  Jewish Defense League
  Kibology (
  Kibological Archive
  Kibological FTP
  Kibology resources
  Kult of Hamstur
  Last-Chance Cathedral and Discount House of Worship
  Livets Ord
  Maven - Portal Directory to the Jewish World
  Miss Jessup's Jesus is Lord Escort Service
  Mr. God
  Page of Reason
  Partridge Family Temple
  Product Placement Bible
  Raeliska Religionen
  The Religious Archive
  Rev. Dr Bill Brown's Church of Reason
  Sarian Way, Inc.
  Second National Church of Shatnerology
  Seven Deadly Sins
  Temple of the Bowie
  Ulf Ekman
  Universal Life Church
  What the hell is Discordianism?
  Where's Weirdo?: The Heaven's Gate Cult Game
  Whirlwind Bible Tour
  Who Gives a Fish?

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