gbadev mailing list [2000.07.14 at 20:49, by anarko, icq #3299208]
i created a mailing list for gba developement. it's unmoderated and ppl may freely join it.
sign up to the mailing list from here.

or just send a empty mail to

faked wnaspi32.dll! [2000.07.12 at 01:29, by anarko, icq #3299208]
Firefly has done it again! A faked version of the wnaspi32.dll tricks both IS-AGB-DEBUGGER and IS-AGB-EMULATOR to actually function. However IS-AGB-EMULATOR still have problems.

Download the faked wnaspi32.dll here [13kb]

Note: wnaspi32.dll is a part of your Windows installation, and exist in \WINDOWS\SYSTEM. You should not touch the original file, but instead put the faked one in the same directory as the executables. This is since Windows first search in that directory for a requested .dll, then moves to \WINDOWS\SYSTEM. In this way you can use the faked dll and still have a working operating system (wnaspi32.dll is needed for different units, for example cd writers & readers).
You will also need to edit the .dll in the same way as the isagb.dll:
Hex edit it and locate the f:\.-------- string (at 0x6030) and replace by a existing directory on your machine.
The faked dll will output all data written to the specified directory, + a logfile called wnaspi32.txt.

The faked wnaspi32.dll also works with the IS-FLASH-GANG-WRITER, so now you can fake-flash your non-existing GBA-devcarts :-)

· Uploaded IS-FLASH-GANG-WRITER v1.06 [1,58mb]

assembling [2000.07.11 at 19:24, by anarko, icq #3299208]
Here's how to generate proper GBA code with the ARM STK (thow it in a .bat):

armasm %1.s -CPU ARM7TDMI -LIttleend

rem the below line creates a raw binary
armlink -bin %1.o -Output %1.bin

rem the below line creates a elf file (to debug using the arm debugger)
armlink -elf %1.o -Output %1.elf

partial translation of IS-ANIMVIEWER [2000.07.11 at 05:02, by anarko, icq #3299208]
I uploaded a partially JAP->ENG translated version of IS-ANIMVIEWER here (exe only) [494kb].

datasheet corrections [2000.07.10 at 23:01, by anarko, icq #3299208]
I just noticed on ARM's homepage that the .pdf datasheet available from their server (also mirrored here [1,25mb]), contains a number of errors:

Corrections to ARM7TDMI data sheet (ARM DDI 0029E):
· ARM7TDMI Signal Description (Section 2.1)
· Software interrupt (Section 3.9.7)
· Reset (Section 3.11)
· Little Endian offset addressing Section 4.9.3, Table 4.15)
· The bidirectional data bus (Section 6.10.2, Table 6-3)
· ARM7TDMI Testchip data bus circuit(Section 6.10.3, Figure 6-16)
· System state determination (Section 8.10 / 8.11)

The corrections can be read in their Developement System FAQ, Chapter 4. (Mirrored here [58kb]).

some notes on gba [2000.07.10 at 02:51, by anarko, icq #3299208]
The wich IS-AGB-CHARACTER installs in .exe directory is a bootfile for the GBA.
It's uploaded to 0x0000 0000 here:
AGBWrite : buf = 00787AF4, addr = 00000000, len = 000094EC
It also uploads some other snippets of code.

IS-ANIMEVIEWER also uploads a rom, 0xF998 bytes to 0x0800 0000.

IS-ANIMEVIEWER [2000.07.10 at 02:31, by anarko, icq #3299208]
· Uploaded IS-ANIMEVIEWER-1999.11.05 [3,78mb]

Note: Delete the ISAGB.DLL that the installation program places in the same directory as the exe, and make sure you got the faked ISAGB.DLL in \WINDOWS\SYSTEM. This program does work with the faked dll too.

newer IS-AGB versions uploaded [2000.07.10 at 02:15, by anarko, icq #3299208]
· Uploaded IS-AGB-CHARACTER-2000.04.17 [2,57mb]
· Uploaded IS-AGB-EMULATOR-2000.03.31 [1,89mb]
· Uploaded IS-AGB-DEBUGGER-2000.03.31 [1,79mb]

Note: The new version of IS-AGB-CHARACTER works with the faked ISAGB.DLL.
Make sure that you got the right ISAGB.DLL file in \WINDOWS\SYSTEM since the install program will overwrite existing one unconditionally.

faked isagb.dll [2000.07.10 at 00:25, by anarko, icq #3299208]
Firefly wrote a preliminary isagb.dll replacement, works as a generic crack for all of the IS-AGB-CHARACTER versions tested, currently IS-AGB-DEBUGGER and IS-AGB-EMULATOR both are still uncracked.

· Uploaded fake ISAGB.DLL file [12kb]

Notes on using the fake ISAGB.DLL: Hex edit it and locate the f:\.-------- string (at 0x6030) and replace by a existing directory on your machine, then replace the original ISAGB.DLL in \WINDOWS\SYSTEM and launch the IS-AGB-CHARACTER =)
Data sent to the AGB dev unit will be put in the selected directory.

cpu dox [2000.07.09 at 23:10, by anarko, icq #3299208]
The CPU in the GBA is a ARM7TDMI. Here's the needed dox for it:

· Uploaded ARM7TDMI Data Sheet 'ARM DDI 0029E' [1,25mb]
· Uploaded ARM7TDMI-S Technical Reference Manual 'ARM DDI 0084E' [2,18mb]

gba developement software [2000.07.09 at 22:45, by anarko, icq #3299208]
· Uploaded the ARM Software Developement Toolkit v2.50 Evaluation [25,8mb]
· Uploaded the ARM Software Developement Toolkit v2.50 CRACK [176kb]
· Uploaded IS-AGB-CHARACTER-2000.02.14 (cracked unpacker) [2,65mb]
· Uploaded IS-AGB-DEBUGGER-2000.02.21 (cracked unpacker) [1,79mb]
· Uploaded IS-AGB-EMULATOR-2000.02.21 (cracked unpacker) [1,86mb]
· Uploaded IS-AGB-CHARACTER-2000.01.28 CRACK [1kb]
· Uploaded IS-AGB-CHARACTER-2000.02.14 CRACK [1kb]
· Uploaded ISAGB.DLL sample program [5kb]
· Uploaded format.txt from IS-AGB-CHARACTER (translated to english) [6kb]

You can download the ARMulator sourcecode included in GDB here [12mb]

all this published material are free to use in non-profit purposes
the software available on this site wich is not written by myself is
publically available on other pages, and is not breaking any copyrights

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