Discography and order catalogue:

  • Winged Tongues with Christian Werner, Carl-Michael Strömberg (=Edenborg), Mattias Forshage, Anna Westman, Hal Rammel, Gina Litherland, Russell Thorne, Bruno Jacobs, Petra Mandal, Tomas Werner, Oscar II (budgie). Surrealistförlaget Stockholm 1987.

  • Where Saws Sing and Fiddles Bloom - Där sågar sjunga och felor blomma: saws, percussion, gopychands, instruments made by Hal Rammel, with Hal Rammel. Surrealistförlaget/Cloud Eight Audio Chicago 1990.

  • Sistrum solo piano, voice. Surrealistförlaget 1990.

  • The Great Invisible Duo piano, didjeridoo, percussion, saw, with percussionist Thomas Magee (Mission Hills, California) Surrealistförlaget 1990.

  • Stork Music In Flight vol 1 (with Hal Rammel, sample cassette). New York 1993.

  • Muwwakkals solo, a variety of instruments, mixes. Surrealistförlaget 1993.

  • From The Pages Of Experimental Musical Instruments vol 10 (sample cassette) Nicasio, California 1995. Order from EMI!

  • Fretlessarméén with Terje Mentyjærvi and Harald Beckstrøm Moss, Norway 1996.

  • Horror Vacui with Christian Werner and Martin Küchen Stockholm 1996.

  • Birmingham Improv Festival Recordings 96, (TransMuseq Records cd 1997). Sound sample on this page!

  • Skræp Experimental Music Forum Cd #3 with Jindrich Biskup (DK/CZ) and Martin Klapper (DK/CZ) (Copenhagen 1998).

  • Cd-rom by Åsa Harvard: På jakt efter den icke-linjära formen, Konstfack, Stockholm 1999. Original typewriter music pieces.

    Johannes Bergmark's Material Music
    cd 1999 featuring Bergmark's instruments, mostly on live recordings. Sound samples on the gallery pages! 100 SEK.

    Last Moments !
    with Jindrich Biskup (DK/CZ) and Martin Klapper (DK/CZ) (Multiple Living cd Praha/København/Stockholm). Typographic design: Klapper. Recording: Sören Runolf. Released the 9/9 1999. Limited edition 99 numbered copies. 120 SEK.

  • Cd with Hal Rammel (Penumbra Records, Wisconsin, in preparation).

  • Cd with the graduates from EMS course -98 Studio 4:s män & Hanna, featuring the piece Communist From Outer Space (Stockholm, in preparation).

  • Cd with Cloudchamber, in preparation.

  • Sound Art, a collaborative book and cd project in cooperation with Svensk Musik, to be released the autumn of 2000.

Most of the above can be ordered from Bergmark.


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