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Johannes Bergmark

[Bergmark playing the Finger Violin]
Photo © by Greg Locke, St. John's Newfoundland.

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[Starling singing]

I am the webmaster of the FRIM web pages, the main internet source of information and links about FRIM and free improvised music in Scandinavia. Please take a look!

Johannes Bergmark (me) is a free lance improvisor, instrument inventor, writer, electroacoustic music composer, sound poet, piano technician and surrealist. He has toured Europe and North America and has collaborated with improvisors worldwide, theatre companies, poets and dancers.
 One of his long-standing partners is Hal Rammel of Wisconsin. Groups in Scandinavia include Cloudchamber with Christian Werner, Martin Küchen and Sören Runolf; Hunger with Bendik Hagerup and Risto Holopainen; Acrobatic Music with Terje Mentyjærvi; FRETLESSARMÉÉN with Harald Beckstrøm and Terje Mentyjærvi; and a duo with Martin Klapper (Cz).
 In April 1997, he organized OSLO IMPRO, a 7 days festival of free improvisation with more than 50 musicians.
 He lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  • This drawing was made by one of the kids that went to the kindergarten that I was working in in 1986-87. It is a drummer. [Drummer drawing.]

    The figure was used as the symbol for Stora Saltet, the journal of the Surrealist Group in Stockholm of which I am a cooperator.

    Email: bergmark@flashback.net.

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