BULT Magazine - For Your Leisure Pleasure!

BULT Magazine is an eclectic, pragmatic and mysterious art fanzine. Issue no. one was released in May, 2000.

Discontents in this issue: Genesis P-Orridge, Lee Cabell McLean, Leif Elggren, Knud Odde, Carl Abrahamsson, Peter Köhler, Adam Åslund, Benedikte Lindström, Krister Linder, Max Fredrikson, Patrick Lundborg, Hans Scheike, Agneta Ogebratt, Brita Sylvan, Fetish 23, Gabriella Ravström, Thomas Quick, Stefan Kéry, Ingrid Engarås, Joey, Kim Foss, Lisa Kessler, Eric Heist, Friedrich Nietzsche, Tommy Olsson, Christer Eriksson, Thomas Ehrngren, Angela Sperandio, Johan Lien, Dennis Cooper, Gabriele d'Annunzio, 13th Floor Elevators, Verkligheten and Makroparasiten.

With the magazine comes a CD: Oiling Noregs vs. Deform Projects "Outside the centre of myself".

The magazine and CD are issued in 300 numbered copies.

You can order your own copy here.

To celebrate the release of the first issue, there was an exhibition of selected works in Stockholm, at the brilliant Galleri Thomas Ehrngren, Luntmakargatan 74. It was a joyous and successful event, with hordes of art lovers attending. Some of these happy heads you can see in the glamourous IN CROWD page.

SUBMISSIONS: It's good to be submissive! If you have something you think may be of interest to the mellowly choosy BULT readers, please contact BULT here. If you don't submit, then how can BULT dominate?

All material is copyright © 1999-2000 Carl Abrahamsson, if nothing else is stated.

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