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(Introduction: This text was written in 1995, to meet inquiries about the work of the institute. Additional and more recent information follows below.)

The Institute Of Comparative Magico-Anthropology (ICM) was founded on April 30th, 1993, by Carl Abrahamsson in Stockholm, Sweden. The initial idea being to create a forum or a centre for the "fringe" science of Magic, seen from anthropological, psychological, historical and other angles. As the subject matter usually isn't counted as scientfically "valid" in these specific fields of humanistic studies, ICM will try to establish an archive of material treating it as the universally essential core of human life, culture and development we think it is.

Apart from establishing an archive and library on subject matters relating to the esoteric and spiritual side of mankind worldwide, The Institute will also organise field expeditions to study magical cultures and phenomena all over the world. This in order to cast some light on hidden aspects of tribal and societal life usually neglected by academic anthroplogists in the Western scientific milieu.

The premise of all undertakings of The Institute Of Comparative Magico-Anthropology, be they intellectual or field-related, is to embrace empirical techniques of investigative anthropology with an open mind. We intuitively feel that magic, i.e. a culturally based technological manipulation of natural forces within and/or without the human individual is a "real" factor to be taken into account in all truly scientific searches for a deeper understanding of Homo Sapiens.

The Institute Of Comparative Magico-Anthropology actively welcomes cooperations with established academic or other institutions from all over the world, such as universities, schools, business corporations, journalists, writers, esoteric societies, tribes or just interested and knowledgeable individuals. Information on Your activities could very well be the beginning of a fruitful communication for all involved!

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact:

The Institute Of Comparative Magico-Anthroplogy
P.O. Box 8105
SE-104 20 Stockholm

Voice Mail: +46-8-666 10 69
Fax: +46-8-650 63 25



Recent News

Lecture by Carl Abrahamsson on the work of ICM at the University of Stockholm, May 23rd, 1995 (In Swedish)

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