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For all of my adult life, I've been writing and publishing material. I guess it's an obsession of sorts. Below you'll find a selection of the writing (in English if nothing else is stated) and a publishing chronology, more or less accurate. If you have corrections to this publishing list, please let me know!


Alicia, Mon Amour 1997. A homage to the American actress Alicia Silverstone.

Kenneth Anger biography (1988)

Kenneth Anger interview (1990)

Kenneth Anger biografi (1997) (Swedish)

Kenneth Anger intervju (1990) (Swedish)

Church of Satan 1 (1996) (Swedish)

Church of Satan 2 (1996) (Swedish)

The Demonic Glamour of Cinema (1992)

Idee des Nordens (1994)

Praise to the Beast (1992)

Hate Hate Hate (1992)

This Infernal Love of Life (1989)

Anton LaVey RIP (1997)

Jayne Mansfield (1988)

Aleister Crowley - Aristokrat och Vilddjur (1996) (Swedish)

Vad är Thelema? (1997)

Porrhistoria och teknikutveckling (1995) (Swedish)

Gudarna lever på Island (1996) (Swedish)

White Stains i Tyskland (1994)

Rosaleen Norton - Häxan från King's Cross (1999) (Swedish)



Psychick Release PCP, Stockholm 1991. Published in 78 hand numbered copies. Contains the lyrics for the songs on the White Stains CD, plus photographs of band members, Andrew McKenzie (The Hafler Trio) and Anton LaVey.

"Allt var bättre förr men inte länge till"

Übertext/, Stockholm 2000. En liten bok med tankar om både ditt och datt. Somliga glada, andra ledsna. 100 sidor av rafflande läsning. "Carl är en mästare på att svamla i mörkret", skrev en helnöjd kund.

A book all in Swedish!

Endast 500 numrerade exemplar. Kan beställas från postordersidan.


Fischer & co, Stockholm 2000. A stunning photobook by Max Fredrikson, with a 60 page introduction by Carl Abrahamsson. Covering trips to India, Nepal and Tibet. Approximately 200 pages of wonderful photos by the renowned Swedish photographer. Tibetans and their daily magical life in Tibet and in exile. This book is a must have for anyone interested in Tibet and/or Tibetan Buddhism. The introduction is in Swedish and covers the history of Tibet, the history of Tibetan Buddhism, the Tibetan mind and much, much more.

This book can be ordered through the mail order section.



SPLASCH! (ca. 1980-1981)

A fanzine dedicated to great comic book artists. Two issues saw the light of day, one about Morris (the creator of Lucky Luke) and one about André Franquin (the creator of Spirou, Gaston and Marsipulami). There may have been other issues. I don't have copies in my archive and would very much like to hear from people who do.

LOLLIPOP (1986-1987)

A music fanzine that came out in seven issues all in all. This was a truly great project. Me and co-editor Nicklas Kapellin made many new friends during these years and had a jolly good time.

Covered and interviewed were bands and people like: Iggy Pop, The Stooges, Sonic Youth, Suicide, Psychic TV, The Cramps, The Scientists, The Saints, Husker Du, The Stomachmouths, Union Carbide Productions, Richard Kern, Alice Cooper, The Godfathers, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Brian Jones, The Go-Betweens, Freddie Wadling, Alex Chilton, Lydia Lunch, The Church, The Velvet Underground, Sort Sol, The Creeps, The Shamen and many, many others.

Some of the photographs from this era can be seen at the Graphical Work-page.

Issue no. 6 contained a flexidisc with Union Carbide Productions.
Several cassettes were released under the labelname "Lollipop", among them recordings of live concerts by Leather Nun, Sort Sol and Blue For Two.


A one-off project. Quite Lollipopish, but more focussed on subculture in general. Contained material by/on: The Shamen, Nick Zedd, Roky Erickson, The Stooges, Pere Ubu and lots more.

Issue no. 1 contained a flexidisc with Sonic Walthers.


The first issue was a magazine, published through TOPYSCAN, and the two following ones were books. Covered were many topics and persons. The goal or purpose of The Wolf has been to present interesting material in, on and from the occultural sphere of life. As of 1996, The Fenris Wolf is the official journal of The Institute of Comparative Magico-anthropology.

Issue number four is scheduled to appear in 2001. It will be the biggest issue to date.

The Fenris Wolf also has its own webpage. If that sounds howling to you, please go here for a more detailed account!


Sigurd Agrell: "Rökstenens chiffergåtor" (1990)

Sigurd Agrell: "Runornas Talmystik" (1990)

Carl Abrahamsson (ed.): "The Fenris Wolf, Issue no. one" (1990) Reprint edition.

Sigurd Agrell: "Lapptrummor och runmagi" (1991)

Sigurd Agrell: "Senantik Mysteriereligion och Nordisk Runmagi" (1991)

Andrew McKenzie: "Plucking feathers from a bald frog" (1991)

Carl Abrahamsson (ed.): "The Fenris Wolf, Issue no. two" (1991)

Carl Abrahamsson: "Dreams Shall Flesh" (1991)

Aleister Crowley: "Liber AL vel Legis - Lovens Bok" (1991) First Norwegian edition.

Aleister Crowley: "Liber AL vel Legis - Lagens Bok" (1992) First Swedish edition.

Carl Abrahamsson (ed.): "The Fenris Wolf, Issue no. three" (1993)


H.M. Chadwick: "The Cult of Othin" (1994)

Rodney Orpheus: "Abrahadabra - A Beginner's Guide to Thelemic Magick" (1995)

Anton LaVey: "Den Sataniska Bibeln" (1996)

Aleister Crowley: "Liber AL vel Legis - Lagens Bok" (1996)

Sune Ambrosiani: "Odinskultens Härkomst" (1997)

Allen Greenfield: "The Story of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light" (1997)

Some of these Looking Glass Press-books can still be ordered through Luxor Press. Please see the Links-page for more information.


BULT MAGAZINE No. 1 (2000)

Discontents in the first issue: Genesis P-Orridge, Lee Cabell McLean, Leif Elggren, Knud Odde, Carl Abrahamsson, Peter Köhler, Adam Åslund, Benedikte Lindström, Krister Linder, Max Fredrikson, Patrick Lundborg, Hans Scheike, Agneta Ogebratt, Brita Sylvan, Fetish 23, Gabriella Ravström, Thomas Quick, Stefan Kéry, Ingrid Engarås, Joey, Kim Foss, Lisa Kessler, Eric Heist, Friedrich Nietzsche, Tommy Olsson, Christer Eriksson, Thomas Ehrngren, Angela Sperandio, Johan Lien, Dennis Cooper, Gabriele d'Annunzio, 13th Floor Elevators, Verkligheten and Makroparasiten.

With the magazine comes a CD: Oiling Noregs vs. Deform Projects "Outside the centre of myself".

The magazine and CD are issued in 300 numbered copies.

In Swedish and English!

Copies of BULT can be ordered in the mail order section.

"Allt var bättre förr men inte länge till"

Utgiven i samarbete med "", Stockholm 2000. En liten bok med tankar om både ditt och datt. Somliga glada, andra ledsna. 100 sidor av rafflande läsning. "Carl är en mästare på att svamla i mörkret", skrev en helnöjd kund.

(A book all in Swedish!)

Endast 500 numrerade exemplar. Kan beställas från postordersidan.

All material is copyright © 1999-2000 Carl Abrahamsson, if nothing else is stated.

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